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I’m Katherine – pit bull momma, 13+ year eating disorder survivor and YOUR support in getting a heck of a lot more consistent.
I’m all about helping you take control of your eating and start eating normally, without any stress obsession or restriction. 

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I get it.

Getting (& staying) consistent can be super overwhelming & difficult, especially after dieting for so long.
My charge is to help YOU get back to eating normally and embrace your best life – all without any stress or obsession. 

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Get some extra support on eating & exercising consistently.

Get back on track for 2019.

Get back on track for 2019, without any stress, obsession or restriction. Join the free #ImperfectlyConsistent Challenge.

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Workout JUST enough.

Download my free 7 day workout plan to help you STOP overexercising and START seeing results,

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Stop binging once and for all.

Learn to indulge without guilt & quit binging once and for all with #MyConsciousIndulgence Guide.

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