Get consistent, drop the perfectionism

I am an Anti-Perfect Lifestyle Coach who helps type A perfectionists end the all or nothing mindset trap and get consistent with healthy eating and fitness through my 4R Method, so that they can truly THRIVE.

Hey lovely.

I’m a NASM certified personal trainer and Precision Nutrition L1 coach. But more importantly, I’m a lifelong recovering perfectionist. I’m living proof that reclaiming your life from perfectionism, beating yourself up, and trying to look thin/fit/perfect is possible.

Perfectionism is part of me - and always has been. Whether I was eight years old, reminding my teacher to assign us homework, or nineteen, counting all my calories and burning them off religiously on the treadmill, perfection was always my goal. This manifested in perfect grades, a good reputation, and a debilitating eating disorder that took over my life for all of my teens and most of my early twenties.

Even after I was ‘recovered,’ my desire to have the perfect body (& life) made it really hard to find ease around food and exercise.

  • I'd seek out the 'best' diet plans and follow them religiously - until I couldn't anymore and binged on the weekends.
  • I'd do the hardest possible HIIT workouts every single day because I hated my body.
  • I'd look in the mirror and feel frustrated by my body.
  • I thought about food and exercise nonstop, which made it hard for me to be present with my friends, family, and partner.

I kept struggling until I learned to embrace my perfectionism and all the ways it had historically kept me small. 

By learning to use perfectionism to my advantage - and embracing an #AntiPerfectLifestyle, I now:
  • Eat (mostly) healthy without effort
  • Never stress if I miss a workout
  • Am so much more confident
  • Love my imperfections & no longer hate myself for not being perfect.
In fact, I firmly believe that I'm now doing my life's work simply because I embraced perfectionism - instead of fighting it.

I’m all about helping you get consistent with your eating and exercise so that you can actually enjoy your life.

That looks like:  

  • Ending the black & white mindset that has us constantly chasing perfection
  • Automating nutrition so we know exactly what to eat and when to eat it
  • Structuring indulgence & rest so that we don't overdo it
  • Figuring out what actually matters to YOU so that you can build your best life

My mission is to help women get consistent with healthy eating and exercise so that they can stop spending so much time thinking about what they last ate and when their next workout will be and instead - live their THRIVING #AntiPerfectLifestyle.

Embracing my perfectionism journey has allowed me to coach hundreds of women online over the last year and a half, and my battle with perfectionism, restriction, and control helps me meet you where you're at - because I've been there too. I would love to work with you!

Questions? I'd love to hear from you!