Restriction recovery coaching

I am a Restriction Recovery Coach who helps women eat intuitively and quit restricting by embracing their restrictive habits as tools thru my 4R Method so that they can truly THRIVE.

Hey lovely.

I’m Katherine! I’m a NASM certified personal trainer, Precision Nutrition L1 coach, and 12+ year eating disorder survivor. I’ve seen the damage that restriction and overexercise can do to your body firsthand. I don’t want another woman to feel that pain, so I am speaking out, because even though restriction – in its many forms – is common, it’s so not normal.

Thank GOODNESS I’m not in that restriction prison anymore. And, lovely, you don’t have to be either. 

It wasn’t until I stopped trying to fight my restrictive and disordered eating tendencies that I finally automated my eating, exercised in a way that changed my body, and rebuilt my confidence and self-esteem.

See, I actually embraced my restriction and started using it to my advantage. 

Now, I eat (mostly) healthy without effort, don’t stress if I miss a workout, am so much more confident, and no longer try to be perfect. In fact, I firmly believe that I’m now doing my life’s work simply because I embraced restriction – instead of fighting it.

I’m all about helping you get in control of your eating and exercise so that you can actually enjoy your life (instead of constantly thinking about it).

That looks like:  

  • Ending the black & white mindset that has us constantly chasing perfection
  • Automating nutrition so we know exactly what to eat and when to eat it
  • Structuring indulgence & rest so that we don’t overdo it
  • Figuring out what actually matters to YOU so that you can build your best life

My mission is to help women reclaim their lives from restriction by teaching them to use restriction as their superpower. 

For all of my teens and most of my early twenties, I fought for my life against anorexia. But even after I was ‘recovered,’ I still struggled to find ease and peace with food. I continued to punish myself by restricting my food and exercising more. I couldn’t stop the constant thoughts of food and exercise. I was never comfortable with eating or exercising outside of my routine.

Embracing my restriction journey has allowed me to coach hundreds of women online over the last year and a half, and my battle with restriction helps me meet you where you’re at – because I’ve been there too. I would love to work with you!

Questions? I’d love to hear from you!

Disclaimer:  Katherine Lynn Coaching is an educational health and fitness brand. Information herein is not meant to diagnose or treat illness or injury using food or exercise. The views I express are mine alone, based on my own experiences, and should not be taken as medical advice. I DO NOT post everything I eat. I am not a registered dietitian. Although I am a certified personal trainer, the workouts I post may not be right for you. Please speak with a medical professional before making any changes to your current routine.

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