Find consistency & ease by tuning into what YOU need

I am the Anti-Perfect Lifestyle Coach who helps type-A perfectionists figure out what really works for them & what they really need so that consistency becomes effortless.

Hey lovely.

I'm Katherine - certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, pitbull momma, and You're trying so hard to get this wellness thing right and find what works for your unique body, mindset, & lifestyle - but something just isn't clicking. 

I get it. 

Consistency is super challenging to get right...because everyone goes about it all wrong. We do all the research, find the perfect plan, download the most effective workouts, but still end up struggling to be consistent.

That's cuz, lovey, inconsistency isn't the problem - it's a symptom of something bigger.

Consistency doesn't come with ease until you figure out how to accept & love yourself.

It took me ten years fighting an eating disorder and a really epically bad breakup two years ago to realize that searching out the BEST nutrition advice wasn't gonna help me get more consistent...until I figured out what I truly needed. 

I keep struggling until I dug deeper, figured out what worked for ME, and started trusting myself.

I’m all about helping you accept and love yourself so that EVERYTHING in your life comes with more ease.

My mission is to help women get clear on what really matters to them & what they need so that consistency becomes effortless, allowing them to live their THRIVING #AntiPerfectLifestyle.

I'm not here to band-aid your consistency issue. I'm here to empower you to figure this out once and for all. If that sounds like a good fit, I'd love to work with you!

Questions? I'd love to hear from you!