3 better new year’s resolutions for healthy lifestyle & self development

We’re nearing the end of a DECADE, so everyone’s thinking about how to make 2020 different than 2019. It’s the time that we’re all setting New Year’s Resolutions, too. But most new year’s resolutions – especially new year’s resolutions for healthy lifestyle – will fail by February. So often, my clients will set new year’s resolutions for healthy lifestyle and … Read More

Five book recommendations for perfectionists

I’m a voracious reader and am a firm believer in constantly learning & growing. So, it’s no surprise my clients tend to feel the same! When I begin with new clients, they are often hungry to further their learning about the topics we discuss. And, as a coach, I find it SO helpful for us to have a common knowledge … Read More

3 workouts when you’re struggling with exercise motivation

Staying consistent with workouts can be challenging – especially if you’re struggling with exercise motivation. Staying motivated can be super tough – I get it (that’s why I created the Master Your Motivation Momentum cheatsheet here) – but it’s a lot easier when you can acknowledge when your exercise motivation is low & shift your workouts to fit that. One … Read More

5 journal prompts for when you fall off the wagon

Making mistakes is really challenging for my clients working on upping their consistency game and finally getting off the yo-yo cycle (normally this is due to motivation wavering – download my worksheet to master your motivation here). They’re trying SO dang hard to stick with their healthy eating and exercise plans and when they find themselves not able to “stick … Read More