5 journal prompts for when you fall off the wagon

Making mistakes is really challenging for my clients working on upping their consistency game and finally getting off the yo-yo cycle (normally this is due to motivation wavering – download my worksheet to master your motivation here). They’re trying SO dang hard to stick with their healthy eating and exercise plans and when they find themselves not able to “stick … Read More

My First Olympic Triathlon Training Experience

As of writing this, I am one week past completing my first olympic triathlon. I did the Sonoma Women’s Triathlon and had a fantastic experience. I was able to compete and placed 9th overall in the olympic distance and 3rd in my age category.  I was stoked with these results for my first olympic triathlon! I’ve been getting lot of … Read More

Stay healthy while traveling – 5 tips

Over the last few weeks, it seems like every one of my clients has been traveling. Whether they’re traveling for work or fun, they all have the same question: how can I stay healthy while traveling? Although many of my suggestions are customized to her specific goals & preferences, I found I was repeating some of the same tips & … Read More

3 reasons you can’t stick to a diet (hint: none are willpower)

Being unable to stick to a diet – regardless of how badly we want to eat healthy – is incredibly frustrating. We often feel like failures after trying (and failing) every diet we can find on Pinterest. So lovey, if you find yourself trying to start over again every single Monday, know that I totally get it. For years, I’d … Read More