How to make it through Thanksgiving without binging – step by step

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and my heart is overwhelmed by gratitude for all of the blessings of the last year. And to be real, one of my biggest blessings is the opportunity to coach my 1:1 clients – especially through the holidays. So, inevitably, I’m getting lots of questions on how to make it through Thanksgiving without binging. It … Read More

Why do I binge? The #1 reason

Most women will question – at one time or another – why do I binge eat? This can be such a tough question – and one that can be so isolating. We believe so deeply that binge eating is our struggle alone. But, as I have connected with hundreds of women over the last two years, it’s become clear that … Read More

How to use your lack of motivation to get MORE consistent

When ladies come to me, one of their most common pain points is a lack of motivation. They can follow strict rules, crush the 60 minute workouts (here’s why I recommend you shorten your workout), and track all the macros…for about 6 days. Then, of course, their motivation gives out. They’re frustrated and down on themselves, thinking there’s something “wrong” … Read More

3 unexpected obstacles to consistency – and how to overcome them

Women come to me almost weekly frustrated that they can’t stay consistent with healthy eating and exercise. We try SO dang hard to get it right, so it’s even more frustrating when our good intentions get derailed AGAIN by a plate of cupcakes in the break room. As a coach, I find that we struggle with consistency for all the … Read More