What should I eat before bed?

Quick disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist. I am sharing this information and my experiences for educational purposes only. Hey friends! Happy Humpday! Sticking with last Wednesday’s moderate eating focus, I want to share some ideas about eating at nighttime. Duh duh dum……This definitely can be a triggering idea with so many diets and diet professionals preaching that we “should” not … Read More

MLK Weekend Recap

Hey friends! I hope you had a phenomenal long weekend! We sure did! Plenty of outdoor time, eating delicious food, and just plain relaxing. Taking Andrew to the airport was really hard. Over the last three months, I’ve become relatively used to leaving. Dropping someone off feels completely different. Today is really hard, so I would rather focus a little … Read More

Things I’m Loving Friday #1

It’s Friday! And the Friday before a long weekend here in the US! Let me tell you, I am SO ready to enjoy the weekend. Andrew is here with me and Juno, and we are gonna tear up the town. And by that, I mean have some yummy food, drink good beer/wine, and hang out outside on this beautiful Austin … Read More

Thoughts on JillFit’s #AntiFragile2016

This post is a reflection on Jill Coleman’s recent #AntiFragile2016 trainings. All frameworks are Jill’s; thoughts and experiences are mine. Check out the movement on Instagram using the hashtag #antifragile2016. Yay!!! It’s Thursday, congratulations for making it this far! How has your week been? I want to know–let me know below 🙂 Today, I’m excited to start a discussion in our salon … Read More