Tuesday ‘Should’ Invasion

Good morning friends! Happy Tuesday! I’m especially happy because it’s ‘basically’ Wednesday for me. Taking my first day off this Friday since October 2015! WOAH! Juno’s so excited she can’t even take it. Before heading into my day job (gotta pay them bills), I wanted to speak a little bit to being enough. If you’re like me, you know how … Read More

Mug Brownie (without protein powder)

Hi Friends! I hope your Monday went well! After a long Monday, all I want is something sweet. Is that just me?? In the interest of #moderation, sharing out my protein brownie recipe to keep myself from nomming on my sea salt chocolate caramels. It’s super easy to make with ingredients you probably have sitting in your pantry/fridge. Top it … Read More

#2016 Goals and the 3Ms

It may be silly to be even more excited about Jan 11¬†than Jan 1 but I am! Now that the New Year dust has settled, we’re back in ATX, the apartment is clean, and a week back at work is under my belt, it’s time to set intentions for 2016. This year is going to be different (cliche). New state, … Read More