ConsistentlyLean Coaching

Change your body without stress or obsession.

Consistently Lean Coaching - the 6-week fitness + nutrition coaching program for women who are ready to stop obsessing over losing weight & getting leaner and learn to get consistent results that last.

Are you ready to go from...

Obsessing over making the right nutrition choices …. to …. being SO confident that you’re eating exactly right for you and your goals?

Thinking about food and fitness 24-7…. to …. living your best life, with food and fitness as just two components?

Feeling defeated and frustrated because you can’t stop emotional eating and you KNOW it’s sabotaging your results …. to …. eating the foods you love without stress, because overdoing it will be a thing of the past?

Having no idea how to best exercise to see real results…. to …. knowing with certainty, that you’re training for real, sustainable fat loss?

Now you can, with #ConsistentlyLean Coaching

One of the things I hear the MOST from women is that they want to change their bodies but don’t know how to do it without slipping into restriction or over exercise.  

Ugh. Wanting to make a change but not knowing how to do it without reverting to obsessive tendencies is the WORST.  

I get it. For years, doctors told me I could never lose weight without slipping back into my eating disorder mindset. I was chubby, unhappy, and scared. I wanted to change my body but definitely didn’t want to go back to obsessing over the number of calories in restaurant salad dressing.  

I tried programs with online trainers but had to quit halfway through, because I felt myself slipping into restriction. I wanted so badly to be strong, lean, and stress-free but couldn’t find guidance on how to do it.  

Consistently Lean Coaching is the program I needed two and a half years ago. Consistently Lean is the 6-week fitness + nutrition coaching program for women who are ready to stop obsessing over losing weight or leaning out and learn to get consistent results that last.  

This super high touch, customized program is only open to ten women!

What's included in #ConsistentlyLean Coaching?

Efficient workouts & exercise demos

All workouts come with a PDF and video tutorial. I've designed #ConsistentlyLean workouts to change your body. We'll build strength and lose fat, all in under 45 minutes per day.

Closed Facebook community

This is where we'll come together and hold each other accountable to reaching our consistency goals. We'll have daily check-ins to keep everyone on-track.

Weekly nutrition training

Each week, we’ll work on a high impact nutrition habits and exactly how to implement for maximum results. I'll also share sample meal plans and resources in the group!

Personal attention & troubleshooting

I'm only accepting 10 women into this exclusive program, so everyone gets lots of attention. I'll be checking in on the Facebook group twice daily to ensure everyone's successful.

Weekly Facebook live sessions

Once a week, I'll be jumping on live in our private Facebook group. This is your chance to ask any questions and we'll troubleshoot any roadblocks you're facing.

Bi-weekly Progress Check-Ins

Every other week, you'll get a chance to check in with me 1:1 so that we can troubleshoot issues and accelerate your progress.

Initial coaching call with me

To ensure you get the best results possible, we'll jump on the phone during the first week of #ConsistentlyLean to assess your situation and come up with a specific game plan.

Private Portal With All Resources

All resources, training videos, and cheatsheets are housed in a private portal so you can access at your convenience. New content is released each week so that nobody is overwhelmed.

Hey lovely! So glad you’re here 🙂 

I am a Restriction Recovery Coach who helps women embrace their restrictive habits through my 4R Method so that they can live their best lives. I am also a 12+ year eating disorder survivor. I’ve seen the damage that restriction and overexercise can do to your body firsthand. I don’t want another woman to feel that pain, so I am speaking out, because even though restriction – in its many forms – is common, it’s so not normal.  

Today, I’m a NASM certified personal trainer and Precision Nutrition L1 coach who combines my life experience and education to help you get out of restriction prison.  

It wasn’t until I stopped trying to fight my restrictive and disordered eating tendencies that I finally automated my eating, exercised in a way that changed my body, and rebuilt my confidence and self-esteem.

I’m all about helping you embrace your restrictive tendencies so that you can actually enjoy your life (instead of constantly thinking about food and exercise). 

I can’t wait to get started on January 21!

Here's the exact curriculum!

What will I get out of #ConsistentlyLean?

After working up close and personal with me for six weeks:

You’ll be leaner, stronger, and more confident  

You will be a woman who eats consistently and healthily every single day  

Working out will be a daily part of your lifestyle  

You’ll be less obsessive about making the *right* nutrition choices because you know exactly what matters to losing weight for good  

You’ll stop beating yourself up for nutrition mistakes and learn to avoid them  

You will know how to stay consistent without stress or obsession.  

What #ConsistentlyLean ladies say:

I am now focused on reaching my full potential. "Thank you" seems inadequate. I am so grateful for the tools you provided and am happy to be on a much more positive and rewarding journey.
Katherine has radically changed my exercise and nutrition I move and eat with so much joy! And the best part, I'm seeing tangible results! I'm stronger, more energized, and more confident in myself and my body.
I'm certainly pleased by my changes in measurements, but I think the mental shift is even more significant. The biggest change I've noticed is that I no longer have the same sense of "I'll start next let me binge for the rest of this week."
I’ve lost 3 inches in my waist and another inch in my hips! I feel much more toned and people have noticed I look more fit. I feel energized and more in control again. Thank you!!

Who's #ConsistentlyLean for?

#ConsistentlyLean is only open to ten highly committed women ready to make a change by working 1:1 with me in a small group setting. Instead of giving a you a list of things to do on your own or some arbitrary rules that worked for some random person, I’ll be with you every step of the way. 

This program is for women who are sick of struggling to stay consistent. They are done obsessing about food and exercise, and they’re ready to stop beating themselves up for being inconsistent. 

They are committed to getting results. Consistently Lean Coaching is for women who are ready to show up, work hard, and see changes.  

They are ready to shed body fat without getting obsessed with it. They want to see results but also wanna live their lives without constant thoughts of food and exercise. 

They want to be healthy and fit without having to constantly think about when to workout and what to eat. They do not want to obsess over fitting in their workouts or controlling their nutrition by counting calories. 

They’re ready to commit to daily check-ins and daily workouts. In order to stay consistent, we’ve got to work together and hold each other accountable. So a #ConsistentlyLean lady is interested in building a community with likeminded women through connecting with other women in the group. 

They have some experience exercising. The workouts in this program are not for beginners.

Who's #ConsistentlyLean NOT for?

This program is not for women looking for a meal plan or calorie counts. We’ll be designing the consistent nutrition program that works for YOU but this takes some work and exploration on your end.

This is not for women who aren’t willing to take responsibility for their goals. Women signing up for Consistently Lean Coaching must own their success and failures. #NoVictimMindset

This is not for women who aren’t fully committed. Because I’m limiting this program to such a small number of women, they all HAVE to be ready to commit and participate fully in the Facebook group.

Consistently Lean isn’t for women looking to spend hours at the gym. These workouts are designed to be done at home so that you can cancel your gym membership. 

Let me answer your questions...

What if I don’t wanna (or need to) lose weight?

That’s fine too! This program will help change your body shape, even if you don’t have “weight” to lose. We will build a personalized nutrition program that will help you meet your specific goals! 

What if I’ve done #ConsistentlyLean before?

For this round of #ConsistentlyLean, I’ve made a few changes based on participant feedback to make it even more awesome.

  • We’re adding biweekly email check-ins with me so that we can privately troubleshoot your goals. That way, if you’ve gone through the program before, we can start incorporating some more advanced concepts.
  • Each week, there will be a bonus #ConsistentlyLean workout that can be subbed into the existing exercise program so that you don’t get bored.
  • All nutrition content is provided on a website portal so that you can watch the videos, read the content, and download your resources when it’s convenient for you. 

What equipment do I need to complete the workouts? 

We will be doing a lot of strength training, so you’ll need a few sets of dumbbells (beginners: 5lbs and 10lbs, intermediate: 10lbs and 20lbs) to complete these workouts. A gym is definitely not required. 

How is #ConsisentlyLean different from other online training programs?

There are hundreds of training and nutrition programs out there but #ConsistentlyLean is different, it specifically focuses on keeping us consistent, without obsessing. Obsession over the details is what’s keeping us from reaching our goals, so Consistently Lean will teach you how to move, eat, and think in a way that gets you the results you’re looking for, without stress. 

What format do the workouts come in? 

All workouts come with a PDF and video tutorial on each exercise.

I’m new to lifting weights. Can I do this program? 

It depends. The workouts are tough, so some experience with exercise/lifting is required. If you have been exercising 3x(ish) per week for the last couple months (even if inconsistently), you’ll be golden. I offer modifications for all exercises and am available to advise in the closed FB group.

How many times a week do I need to be able to exercise? 

There are four workouts programmed per week. There is also a bonus workout that’s totally optional.

How will the nutrition piece work?

Each week, I’ll release new content on our portal. You’ll have access to videos, written content, and downloadable resources on a private portal on my website. We will then discuss each habit in the closed Facebook group, troubleshoot on Facebook live, and track our progress weekly. You’ll also have the option of sharing diet logs with me to get feedback in our biweekly email check-ins so that we can talk through any roadblocks. 

What if I am currently doing another program?

If you’re doing another workout program or like to do fitness classes, the #ConsistentlyLean workout schedule can be modified to three days per week. 

What coaching comes with #ConsistentlyLean?

The program starts with a 15-minute coaching call that we can get you started on the right foot. Then, I will be in the Facebook group twice daily to check-in, answer questions, and provide support. Every other week, you’ll have the opportunity to check-in with me over email to get personalized coaching and suggestions 1:1. This is what’s gonna make the program super impactful – we will bust through any roadblock together! I will also be going live in the group each week at a time that works best for the group. 

If you would like more coaching, each participant has the option of signing up for 1:1 coaching calls at a discounted price. 

When are you offering this program again? 

Consistently Lean Coaching will not be offered again until fall 2019. And because of the high-touch nature of the program, I will not be offering it again at this price point. If you’re interested, don’t miss out on this opportunity to work up close and personal with me. 

Lovely, you've got a choice.

You can keep struggling, frustrated and tired of not seeing changes, even though it’s all you think about. 

Or, you can sign up for #ConsistentlyLean, get super customized guidance, and finally see the changes you’ve been trying so hard to achieve. This program will change your life.