Find what works for you so that consistency becomes effortless.

Effortlessly Consistent Coaching - a four month whole woman wellness coaching program to help you find what really works for you, so that staying consistent becomes truly effortless.

Lovey, if you are:

Having a really hard time staying consistent with healthy eating and exercise – even though you think about it a lot.

Trying to follow a nutrition plan perfectly, because you’re afraid if you eat one thing that’s not on plan, you won’t be able to get back on track.

Feeling like you have to be perfect and get super discouraged when you’re not….so you eat an entire plate of cookies, even though you KNOW it’s sabotaging your results

Frustrated because you’re doing the same sort of workout and eating programs over and over but aren’t getting to where you want to be.

I created #EffortlesslyConsistent Coaching for YOU.

I get it, lady.

Getting consistent can be really really hard.  Even as we try “intuitive eating” or “moderation,” it takes a TON of effort and mental space. And even worse – we’re not sure we’re doing it right, so we constantly get down on ourselves for not being able to do it perfectly.

I get it.

For years, I would eat consistently…until Thursday night, when I would binge on Mike’s HardER Lemonade and sweet potato fries. The guilt would push me to exercise for hours on end, restrict my food…and do the same thing again the next week.

I tried programs with online trainers but never was able to truly stay consistent. As soon as the program ended, I’d be back to my restrict > binge > over-exercise cycle.

Effortlessly Consistent Coaching is the real deal, because it tackles your nutrition, fitness, & healthy lifestyle goals from all angles. I can’t even call it ‘nutrition’ coaching; it’s whole woman coaching to help you get to a place where living healthy is effortless to maintain, because consistency is second nature, you don’t feel deprived, and you’re more accepting of yourself. This is what allows you to live your best life, spending the mental energy you used to use on white-knuckling your way through the week on things that actually MATTER.

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Hey lovely! I'm so glad you're here.

I’m Katherine, an Anti-Perfect Lifestyle Coach who helps type A perfectionists end the all or nothing mindset trap and get consistent with healthy eating and fitness through my 4R Method, so that they can truly THRIVE.

I created #EffortlesslyConsistent, because I know there is SO much more to consistency than following the right meal plan. This whole woman coaching program will help you up-level your eating, workouts, and honestly, your entire life – because we address the real reasons you can’t stick to a plan.

My mission is to help women get consistent with healthy eating and exercise so that they can stop spending so much time thinking about what they last ate and when their next workout will be and instead – live their THRIVING #AntiPerfectLifestyle.

I can’t wait to talk to you about #EffortlesslyConsistent Coaching!

Here's what you can expect in #EffortlesslyConsistent:

  • Support and accountability every step of the way. Over the course of the four months, I’ll be available to you in coaching calls, over email, and even through text messaging. You’ll never be alone on this journey.
  • The exact steps to follow to learn exactly what to eat for your body every single day. My 4R Method is exactly how I and my clients have come to trust their bodies and finally eat & move consistently. This method takes the guesswork out of this transformation from obsessed and stressed to thriving and radiant.
  • Practical and compassionate coaching from someone who’s been there. I’ve been RIGHT there whereas a therapist or dietician probably hasn’t. This allows me to give the applicable steps you need, right when you need them.
  • Clarity of what you want and need. Often, all we think about is food and exercise. But, when you know exactly what your body needs and can do it without a second thought, we can determine what you REALLY want and need. This will transform your life so that you can thrive.
  • Proven strategies to help you tackle some of the most challenging food and fitness situations. You’re not going to get fluffy suggestions – you’re getting strategic guidance and tools that have helped me and my clients through the tough moments
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In #EffortlesslyConsistent Coaching, You Will:

  • FINALLY get consistent with your eating and training, without overthinking it. After years of struggling with staying consistent, you’ll learn to tune in & listen to your body (and heart) so that your eating is 100% automated and guilt free.
  • Know exactly what you should do for YOUR body, without second guessing yourself. It’s so hard to know exactly what’s good for you and what is another fad. There is so much conflicting information out there, making it incredibly confusing to know what’s right for your body. But with #EffortlesslyConsistent, you will know with certainty how to eat for your body.
  • Learn practical strategies to help you quit binge eating. No more stressing over portions, late night snacking, or stress eating ; you’ll be able to eat the foods you love as part of a healthy diet – without guilt. Imagine walking into your favorite restaurant without stressing about overdoing it – that’s the freedom you’ll have through #EffortlesslyConsistent!
  • Quit beating yourself up for every small misstep. You’ll get to a place where being imperfect is exactly your goal – and you’ll love yourself more in the process.
  • Stop the food-fitness punishment cycle. So many times, exercise becomes a way to deal with the binges. In #EffortlesslyConsistent, you’ll learn how to train for results without feeling guilty about your indulgences.
  • Know how to get yourself back on track immediately. One of the hardest things with consistency is course correcting when you’ve made a mistake. After four months of #EffortlesslyConsistent Coaching, you will eat with ease and confidence, knowing that you make healthy choices, no matter what previous choice you made.
  • Wake up feeling confident every morning, because you know what to do! You’ll get to a place where consistency is SO effortless that you won’t need someone to tell you what to do – you will know 100% what works for you and your body.
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Thinking this is too good to be true? My 4R method actually ensures you get these results.

What's included in #EffortlesslyConsistent Coaching?

  • 4 months of whole woman coaching with my 4R method, completely customized to your situation.
  • 4 month customized training program. No cookie cutter programs here! We talk about your fitness goals and I create a workout program just for you.
  • 60-minute jumpstart call. To ensure you start strong, we begin with a 60-minute call to review your welcome packet and get real.
  • Detailed welcome packet. Every client who fills out this welcome packet has at least three realizations about herself.
  • 30-minute biweekly coaching calls, every other week, we jump on a call to check in and game plan for the next week.
  • Biweekly eating log reviews to hold you accountable on our non-call weeks, I review your eating log, offer suggestions, and help you troubleshoot.
  • Unlimited text and email access. From the moment you sign up, you’ll never be alone on this journey. I’m here WITH you the entire way.
  • Downloadable curriculum. Resources, worksheets, and checklists as part of your 4R education will always be available for you via PDF so you have them forever
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So, whether you find yourself eating well all day then binging at night... Starting over on Monday…like every Monday... Or, just feeling so damn frustrated that you can't seem to make anything stick. My 4R Method addresses it all.

Over the course of four months, we’ll work through the four modules below. Everyone’s journey is unique, so we will progress at YOUR pace, including the most relevant tools and strategies that you need.
  • Reality Check

    Let’s see how things really are going.
    It’s time to get honest and real so that we can identify the real issues keeping you from staying consistent.

    (2-4 weeks, including the 60 minute jumpstart)

  • Rebuild

    Let’s learn to understand and appreciate what’s held you back.

    Once we’ve figured out your specific trouble areas, we’ll rebuild your relationships with food, fitness, and yourself so that you know EXACTLY what to do.

    (6- 8 weeks)

  • Reclaim

    Let’s start pushing boundaries and take back your life.

    Now that you have rebuilt your relationships, it’s time to reclaim your life by learning to stay consistent in every scenario.

    (6-8 weeks)

  • Radiate

    Let’s create your best life.

    You’re ready to take on your best life, so we’ll build out your customized blueprint created by YOU for the rest of your life.

    (2-4 weeks)

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Heads up. #EffortlesslyConsistent is NOT for everyone.

This program is definitely not for you if you’re not ready to fully embrace a new, consistent lifestyle. The 4R Method WILL transform your life – if you’re ready to dive in, commit, and own your success.

Sound like something you wanna do? Or want more info? Click the button below to be directed to my calendar. You can pick the day and time that works for you so that we can talk 1:1 to make sure this program is right for you.

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What #EffortlesslyConsistent ladies say:

I can honestly say that investing in coaching and investing in myself finally (instead of just another short term workout or nutrition program) was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Katherine is absolutely fantastic at what she does and as long as you're willing to put in the work on your end, you have the opportunity to change your life.
Katherine has radically changed my exercise and nutrition I move and eat with so much joy! And the best part, I'm seeing tangible results! I'm stronger, more energized, and more confident in myself and my body.
I'm certainly pleased by my changes in measurements, but I think the mental shift is even more significant. The biggest change I've noticed is that I no longer have the same sense of "I'll start next let me binge for the rest of this week."
I’ve lost 3 inches in my waist and another inch in my hips! I feel much more toned and people have noticed I look more fit. I feel energized and more in control again. But more than anything, I actually LIKE myself more now. Thank you!!

Alright, lovey. You have a choice to make.

Are you ready to...

Get consistent once and for all.

Build a customized nutrition and fitness blueprint that is specifically designed for you.

Live in a world where you know exactly what to eat and how to move, without stressing over doing it perfectly, so that you can finally live the life you’ve been hoping for.

This is that pivotal moment, that time where you can finally make a change that’ll last. This is the time to embrace all parts of you so that you can reach your dreams (you know, those dreams you’ve barely thought about because you’re trying so damn hard to stick to that meal plan).

Or, you can keep doing what you have been and keep on struggling to stay consistent, waking up every morning questioning why you just can’t stay on track.

But if any part of you is excited by the thought of this, click the button below to set up your chemistry call so that we can chat through your questions and concerns.

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PS – Lovely, I know this is scary. I know it seems like this is just how life is gonna be for you. But here’s the thing – just because something’s common, doesn’t mean it’s normal.

I promise you – there is a life outside of stressing over staying consistent and you can get there. You just need the right guidance, and I SO want that for you.