3 workouts when you’re struggling with exercise motivation

Staying consistent with workouts can be challenging – especially if you’re struggling with exercise motivation. Staying motivated can be super tough – I get it (that’s why I created the Master Your Motivation Momentum cheatsheet here) – but it’s a lot easier when you can acknowledge when your exercise motivation is low & shift your workouts to fit that.

One of the biggest exercises motivation mistakes I see is when women push themselves to follow a strict workout program regardless of their motivation. When exercise motivation fades, we’ve GOT TO shift our workout strategy. Instead of letting our perfectionism take over, we have to give ourselves the grace to change plans. If we push too hard to follow a rigid plan, it makes it more likely we’ll fall off the wagon…and stay off.

When my 1:1 coaching clients are low on exercise motivation, I almost always will change up their workout program to fit where they’re at. Below are three workouts I will use to help my clients regain their exercise motivation.

3 workouts when you’re struggling with exercise motivation

10 minute bodyweight ladder workout

Give yourself just 10 minutes of movement – then make the call of if you want to keep exercising. If you don’t, stop. If you feel motivated, keep on going. This workout is great for just that, because you can do the ascending ladder of reps, then if you wanna keep going, you can do a descending ladder. Full workout details here.

A ascending ladder just means that you will start with 1 rep of one exercise and 10 reps of the other, adding 1 rep to the first exercise and subtracting 1 rep from the other until reaching the allotted number of reps. For example, with this workout, you will complete 1 burpee and 10 jump lunge (per leg) in the first round. Rest as needed. Then complete 2 burpees and 9 jump lunges (per leg).

Quick full body resistance band workout

If you’re feeling like you wanna work your whole body, try this resistance band workout. You can get it done in less than 20 minutes and you’ll definitely feel it afterwards.

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…long walk

Honestly though, my biggest recommendation, if you’re struggling with workout motivation, is to just get out and walk. Move your body, without stress, and use that time to reflect on why exercise matters to you in the first place.

Does it help you manage your emotions?

Does it make you feel strong?

Do you feel happier after a workout?

These sorts of questions can be SO helpful in increasing motivation.

Lovey, I hope these workouts help you feel way more motivated! But really, motivation is about more than just workouts. If we wanna feel motivated ALL the time, we have to do two things:

(1) Recognize the little victories

(2) Stop getting bogged down in the details

SO often, when we are trying so hard to stick to a diet, we are looking at the one thing we messed up during the day (why DID I eat that cookie??) instead of all the other choices we are making.

If you’d like to get started with being a heck of a lot more consistent, I’d love for you to check out my Master Your Motivation Momentum worksheet. In this worksheet, I’m going to teach you how to:
-Be a Motivation Maven with my 5-part consistency system.
-Build your motivation muscle and ward off mindset gremlins that keep getting in the way of your results.
-Create a rinse-and-repeat action plan to use whenever you feel unmotivated.

Now, you can keep your ongoing ‘on again off again’ battle with your health and fitness, or you can use motivation to your advantage with this consistency system checklist.

Grab the worksheet here.