30 minute EMOM workout for your entire body

Sometimes, the standard 12 reps and 3 round style of workout just gets boring. And that’s totally okay – as long as we know what to do in those situations. Consistency with working out is all about enjoyment (more on that here). During these moments, when I couldn’t force myself to go to the gym or do another HIIT sprint workout, I love a good EMOM workout. Today, I’m sharing one I did recently that left my legs sore for days (woot).

What’s an EMOM workout?

EMOM just means “every minute on the minute.” I like to think of it as a new round starting every minute, so we’re getting in lots of rounds in a short period of time.

Basically, you’ll do each set of prescribed exercises, then rest for the remainder of the minute, starting over again once the next minute begins.

I’ve shared EMOM workouts before, like this five minute burpee finisher, but never a full body workout like this one!

Let’s get started.

30 minute EMOM workout 

For today’s EMOM workout, you’ll need a heavy KB or a couple sets of DBs. In terms of equipment, I recommend these DBs. They’re adjustable and perfect for home workouts.

You’ll go through each EMOM for 10 minutes, making for a thirty minute workout. Ideally, you’d rest for 1-2 minutes between each EMOM but if you need to take more rest do it. These circuits are tough!

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Follow along with me!

Enjoy this workout?

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