5 Steps to Get In Shape

Now that it’s officially summer 2016, are you feeling ready to take on the heat? Summer is a time where being “in shape” is top of mind. But how do you get there? Today, I’m sharing five steps that will get you there, once and for all.

Are you feeling ready to take on the heat? Summer is a time where being "in shape" is top of mind. But how do you get there? Today, I'm sharing five steps that will get you there, once and for all.

Define it.

When you attack something amorphous, it’s hard to know if you ever succeed. To that end, many women fail to “get in shape” simply because they haven’t defined an end point. Before you start, figure out what does “in shape” mean to you? Identify what it means FOR YOU and write it down.

Once you have your definition, make it measurable.Looking good naked or in a bikini are great goals but they’re so subjective, how will you know if you ever get there?!  To one woman, it could be losing ten pounds. For another, it could mean putting on 2% muscle mass while dropping 5% body fat. Notice all of these things are quantifiable and objective.

You may also have performance based goals (and I suggest them). The same thing applies though. Being “stronger” is not a helpful way to measure being in shape. Make it objective. It could be the ability to run a mile in under seven minutes or performing 10 push ups from your toes. Whatever it is for you, write it down.


Find a fitness routine that brings you joy.

Once you’ve got a definition of “in shape,” let’s find a fitness routine that enhances your life. Fitness should never ever be punishment.  A couple ground rules.

  1. Lift some heavy (for YOU! Are you sensing a theme?!) shit
  2. Move every day
  3. Have fun.

If your workouts don’t bring you joy, you won’t stick with them. So make em fun. If you’re not sure you like lifting heavy shit, check out some of my Wednesday WODs. They are specifically designed to turn the idea of “lifting weights” on its head and are super fun (if I do say so myself).

Navigate the nutritional middle.

WTF Katherine, stop speaking in code.

I swear it makes sense. Getting in shape is all about finding a sustainable lifestyle that brings you results. Navigating the middle just means not restricting but also not binging. Find that middle ground.

This goes back to the one nutrition question you need to ask yourself. Find a way of eating that is balanced, (relatively) healthy, and sustainable. Stick with it.

Make one change at a time.

When you get started, you may be tempted to change everything at once.

Instead of making a 180 degree turn, pick ONE THING. My “one thing” framework will help you navigate the middle with more success.
By choosing one thing that will change and one that will remain the same for the next two weeks, you allow yourself a release while targeting your focus towards one high impact behavior.
In this framework, you’ll choose:
  • One thing that you do not want to give up (your non-negotiable should be something that recharges you. It does not have to be something that supports your goals but it should bring you joy)
  • One thing that you will change/give up.
By managing change in this way, you still have routines and habits that charge you. This gives you the discipline needed to successfully build a new habit.

Enlist help.

It’s so important to have guidance and accountability to reach your fitness goals. Whether that’s a friend who’s your workout partner, a personal trainer writing your workouts, a nutrition coach guiding your food choices, or a FB group that keeps you on point with your workouts, support is paramount.

Even though I can write my own workout and nutrition plans, I still work with my own personal trainer. Having friends to support you and keep you honest will make it so much easier to get in shape. ALL about that support and accountability.

If you’re interested in 1:1 coaching, I would love to hear from you! Otherwise, definitely sign up for my email list.  I’m also launching my next bootcamp soon. Group coaching is how I’ve achieved my goals and I want to help other women do the same. Those on my email list will have first dibs at the limited number of spots. Don’t miss out! 🙂

Do you have a fitness goal this summer?

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