Bodyweight Lower Body Circuit

Short on time and equipment? Try this circuit a few times a day and get a fun lower body burn.

A question I commonly receive is how I balance work, life, and staying active. Part of it is a lot of planning and prep work. But I also remember that any activity is better than no activity. 

What does that actually mean? Well, for me, it’s:

  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator (I work on the 7th floor…no excuses ha).
  • Walking Juno around the block at least once a day.
  • Standing while working whenever possible.
  • Prioritize mobility and stretching in the evening.
  • Include quick circuits like the below!

If you’re not able to complete a ‘full’ workout in your day, maybe try this circuit two to three times per day. It requires no equipment and can be done anywhere.

Lower body bodyweight circuit

To progress: wear a weighted vest or hold light dumbbells

To modify: remove jumps and leg lifts

Let me know if you try it!

What’s your favorite way to add in short bouts of activity?

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