Core and glute activation warm up workout

Hey friends! How’s your Friday going?! I’ve got a fun but busy weekend ahead, including a night out with friends and volunteering at our local Pit Bull Awareness Day.

However, today in blogland, I’m tackling another reader request. The reader asked for a core workout that’s safe for folks with diastasis recti (or abdominal separation). So, I’m sharing a core and glute activation workout for you to try this weekend!

If you know me, I love creating workouts for my readers, and I love multi-purpose workouts. So, today’s workout can be used as a warm up, cool down, or on its own for a low impact workout. It focuses on strengthening your whole core and activating your glutes.

Diastasis recti and core work

Most of the exercises we think of when we think “abs” actually make diastasis recti worse! Crunches, back bends, and planks with rotations can all open up the separated muscles even more.

So, when you want to work on healing your diastasis recti, you want to think about pulling everything together instead of stretching things out.

Two movements are central to all core work, especially if you’re trying to heal a diastasis. These movements protect your low back and ensure that every bit of your core is working in each movement.

Drawing in

Pull your belly button into your spine


Squeeze all the muscles of your core as if you were about to get punched in the stomach (sorry, not the most pleasant idea but it works for me!)

So, my friends, as you are performing this warm up sequence, focus on your core. Draw everything in towards your belly button and try to maintain that feeling through every movement.

Why glute activation, too?

In our culture of way too much sitting, we tend to have underactive glutes and super tight hip flexors. With that in mind, we need to constantly work on our glute activation to ensure that (1) our glutes get stronger and (2) that we maximize our workout results. If we jump into a workout without focusing on glute activation, those muscles are less likely to be engaged fully when doing movements like squats.

My plan is to use this sequence as a warm up before strength sessions. I also encourage you to add it to your mobility routine to make sure your whole body is properly mobilized and stabilized.

It’s also important to diastasis recti recovery to strengthen our glutes. When you think about your “core,” you’ve gotta remember that the core involves all of your abdominal muscles AND your glutes/hip flexors. So, strengthening your entire core helps bring your abdominal wall back together.

My plan is to use this sequence as a warm up before strength sessions. I also encourage you to add it to your mobility routine to make sure your whole body is properly mobilized and stabilized.

Let me know if you try it!

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What’s your favorite way to warm up for your workouts?

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