Gilmore Girls Abs Workout

When I sat down to write this week’s Wednesday WOD, I knew it was time for a core workout and I was struck with inspiration.

A core workout …

One that can be done in front of the TV…

Maybe one that is aligned with a TV show…

I want to watch…GILMORE GIRLS! 

Not sure about you but Gilmore Girls was a huge part of my teenage years. From the time the show launched, I watched it every evening while having a snack after cross country practice. I look back and remember sitting on our hardwood floors after a full day in high school, staring straight at the TV, escaping the “crazy” of the day.

When I heard that they were bringing back one of my favorite shows of all time, I definitely started re-watching all episodes. This is probably what brought on the inspiration for today’s Gilmore Girls workout.

Anyone else excited for the new season!? In true Gilmore Girls fashion, here's a workout you can do to work your core, in front of the TV.

This workout is pretty easy to follow and is similar to the TV show workouts that fill our Pinterest boards. Whenever something on the left side of the image happens in the episode you’re watching, you perform the ab exercise on the right.

You won’t need any equipment and can even do this one in your street clothes. It’s perfect to do on a rest day when you’re craving just a little bit of movement.

I hope you enjoy today’s silly Gilmore Girls workout! I did it during a Gilmore Girls marathon, and let me tell you, my abs were sore the next day! My obliques were especially tired, because woah do those ladies drink a LOT of coffee!

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Are you excited for the Gilmore Girls revival?

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