Leg Workouts

{Guest Post} Wednesday Leg Workouts from MegInspire Fitness

Happy Hump Day,  friends! Today, I’ve got another awesome guest workout for you from one of my fitness buddies, Megan. Megan and I met a couple months ago at the 2016 Radiance Retreat. She’s an incredible woman,  personal trainer, and adventurer.  Enjoy her AWESOME workout, and be sure to connect with her! 


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Today’s Workout Wednesday is brought to you by Megan Flanagan, certified personal trainer, weight loss coach and owner of online coaching website, MegInspire.com, where she helps women live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives.

It’s no question that bodyweight circuits are awesome — but even if you’re more of a cardio queen, they’ll benefit you, too! Runners, especially, can benefit from a little strength work. As a big-time runner, I typically perform a bodyweight circuit directly after my easy runs to stay strong. Other times, I’m at home and just feel like blasting through a quick workout. This is a bodyweight circuit you can do anywhere, no equipment required. It focuses on legs and core, both of which will give you a challenge, regardless of whether or not you are a runner!

Leg Workouts

As always, make sure to warm up and cool down for 5-10 minutes before and after any workout.  

Perform 3-4 rounds of these exercises back to back:

Leg Workouts

Sumo Squats, 10

Standing with feet a bit wider than shoulder width apart, squat as low and comfortably as you can go, thinking about squatting between your knees. Come back up for one rep. If you’d like to do these weighted, feel free to add a kettlebell or dumbbell for extra challenge!

Jumping Lunges, 10 each leg, alternating

Starting from a lunge position, keep your front knee behind your front toe and jump into an alternating lunge on the other side, using your arms for balance. If you prefer less impact, stick with stepping rather than jumping. One rep includes both sides.

Plank Elbow to Hand, 10 up-downs

Holding a plank position from the hands and keeping hips stable, lower down from hands to elbows and back up onto your hands for one rep. Go for 10 reps total.

Rocky’s Runners

In a V-up or “boat pose” position with a straight back, legs out and feet elevated off the floor, move your arms from side to side, like you are running. “Run” for a count of 20-30 seconds before moving onto the next exercise.

Side Plank Apple Pickers, 15 ea. side

Holding a side plank position with one elbow below you and your body in a straight line, reach fully underneath your body and up for the ceiling with the opposite hand, then return back down to starting and repeat for all reps before switching sides.

Rest one minute and repeat!

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For more workouts, connect with Megan on social media or find her at www.MegInspire.com.

What’s your workout today?!

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