Is your HIIT workout routine making you less consistent?

Is your HIIT workout making you inconsistent?

If you’ve ever had a hard time maintaining a healthy eating and HIIT workout routine, keep reading – I wrote this for you.

Girl, I see you. You’re prepping your food, trying to sleep 8 hours a day, and planning out your HIIT workout routine for the week. But even with your best made plan, you still have a hard time finding consistent time to workout and fighting against the cravings for sweets.

You’re so frustrated and confused why staying consistent is so damn hard when you’re trying to do all the right things.

But lovely, what if I told you it had nothing to do with your willpower, your lack of motivation, or your mistaken attempts to eat intuitively without gaining weight? What if I told you that your well intentioned, solidly planned HIIT workout routine could be what is keeping you from staying as consistent as you’d like to be with your healthy eating and exercise?

Today, I’m sharing two of the main reasons your HIIT workout might be making you struggle with consistency.

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Your workouts are too long or require too much time

When we start trying to train for hours upon end or every single day of the week, we limit our ability to stay consistent. Why? 

  1. When our schedules change, when life gets busy, we find it hard to stick with our routines. 
  2. Additionally, when we are spending all our time planning our workouts, we have a hard time prioritizing rest and recovery – which are super important parts of a HIIT workout routine. This is why I recommend my clients shorten their workouts.
  3. Long workouts also mess with our hormones….more on that below.

Your workouts are disrupting your MASTER

In order to stay consistent with healthy eating and workouts, our MASTER (more on that here) must be in check.   My MASTER your Eating Model is the main way I guide my #EffortlesslyConsistent clients through creating their personalized nutrition blueprints.  

All elements of MASTER can be affected by our workouts but I’d encourage you to pay close attention to the following parts:

  • Appetite: if your hunger is out of whack or you feel crazy hungry, your workout routine might be making it harder to eat consistently.
  • Satisfaction: sometimes, our intense HIIT workout routines can lead to cravings. If our cravings are tough to handle, it’s gonna be a heck of a lot harder to stick with our healthy diet plans, isn’t it?
  • Energy: when we’re working out intensely, we can end up overtired and under-recovered. When in these moments of low energy, we get the desire to eat everything in site. 
  • Mindset: is your HIIT workout routine making you feel stressed? Overwhelmed? Unaccomplished if you don’t do things perfectly? All these expectations can be obstacles to consistency.

Lovely, I hope this was helpful and that it resonated with you. It is totally NOT your fault. Consistency is tough. But if you take one thing away from this blog, know that trying to take downloadable, one-size-fits-all nutrition & fitness information (cough cough – that HIIT workout routine you downloaded from Pinterest) is just gonna keep you from staying consistent.

If you’re ready to feel more confident and consistent, take my consistency quiz below. It will help you identify your #1 roadblock to consistency – and exactly how to fix it.