Making Time For Fitness

Struggling to find the time to move? 5 quick tips for adding fitness to your daily routine.

We’re all super busy. Whether you’re a student, momma, or working full-time, there are barely enough hours in the day. I constantly feel about two steps behind and like I’ve gotta run to catch up! Unfortunately, for many of us feeling pressed for time, fitness is the first thing to fall out of the routine. elle woods

I’d argue that these are actually the times we need our workouts most! As Elle Woods may have said best, exercise changes the brain chemistry. It’s been shown to help with anxiety and depression and even gives us an advantage by helping us to think more creatively.

So, we all know exercise keeps us sane but why is it the first thing we drop when we’re stressed? We expect too much of ourselves and start thinking in black-and-white.

If I can’t make it to the gym today, why work out?

I don’t have time to workout for an hour! I’ll do it tomorrow. 

If you find yourself thinking this way, keep reading! Here are my top five tips to help you find time for fitness in your daily craziness <3

1. STOP putting a time limit on your workouts.

Any activity is better than none. If you only have fifteen minutes, stop telling yourself that that is not good enough. That’s plenty of time to work up a sweat.

2. Work out in circuits. 

When you’re working in five minute circuits, you can very easily modify the length of your workouts. This is one of the main reasons I started the Movement Monday series. Pick one of the workouts and do the circuit a few times throughout the day. That’s my commitment to you! Each sample workout will be five minutes or less and will definitely challenge you.

3. Wake up fifteen minutes earlier.

I know, this seems basic, and probably induces a groan of dread, but it can really help ya out. Even if you aren’t a morning exerciser, this should give you fifteen more minutes to be productive throughout the day.

4. Invest in a set of dumbbells or resistance bands. 

For those days you can’t make it to the gym, having at least a little equipment makes exercising more doable. If you don’t have equipment, who cares!? There are TONS of great bodyweight exercises that pack a punch. Example? The mountain climber pike!

5. Take a lunch break. 

Whether you take some time to grab a workout class, go for a walk, or just eat your midday meal, all will help you to move more throughout the day. If you skip lunch, you’ll be wasted tired by the end of the day, so fuel your body!

Is making time to workout tough for you?

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