Strength and speed: butt and leg workout

Happy Friday, my friends! I cannot believe that Christmas is less than ten days away! With Christmas around the corner, I’ve been crazy busy with holiday preparation.

When life gets busy, with the holiday season in full swing, finding the time to fit in your workout can be challenging. That’s why I default to metabolic workouts in December. This style of workout workout is specifically designed to maximize your workout afterburn, keeping your metabolism revved all day long.

As a mini Christmas present, I’m sharing one of my go-to metabolic strength workouts. This workout is perfect for leg day.

Your butt and leg workout

In order to build strength and make some aesthetic changes (hello toned legs and booty), we’re combining strength exercises with heavy weights and plyometric movements to bring up your heart rate and maximize fat burning.

This leg workout will be performed in a circuit style and targets your lower body. You will do each bodyweight strength exercise for 60 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, then you’ll drop your weights, and move into 60 seconds of a plyometric version of the same exercise.  The goal of this style is to combine cardio and strength to maximize your results.

How will this maximize results?

When it comes to changing up a workout to fit your fitness level, you have to manipulate the training variables to make an exercise more or less challenging. For this workout, we are focusing on two variables, load and intensity.


This is the easy one. Increase or decrease the additional weight you’re carrying. If the workout calls for 20lb dumbbells, grab weights heavier or lighter.


AKA, how hard you’re working or how explosive can you make your movement. We all know how to do a squat jump when we are just putting in the motions vs. pushing as hard as we possibly can go.

By combining strength and plyo exercises, you’ll work both your fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers, maximizing the challenge.


Aim for two rounds of the circuit, resting for 60s between each round.

This circuit workout is similar to the quick, effective workouts in my free weeklong fitness challenge. If you’re looking to jumpstart your new year’s fitness goals, there’s no better time than now!

What is your favorite type of leg workout?

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