My Top Five YouTube Fitness Channels

Unsure of where to look for great workouts on YouTube? Look no further. 

Hey there friends! I hope you had a great weekend and got to enjoy some lovely time outdoors like Juno and I did. My weekend started with an orangetheory 90 minute class, which was brutal. I definitely would not recommend doing it every week but once or twice a month would be fun. I also went to a local winery for a friend’s birthday, went to a great church service, and had a training class with Juno.

Now that it’s Monday, let’s talk a little about fitness!

I absolutely love YouTube for working out at home! If you’re anything like me though, it can be a little overwhelming finding which resources are best for you. Most of us have heard of BodyRock and FitnessBlender, and they are both phenomenal; I use them at least once a week. But what about some of the smaller channels? How do you start? Don’t fret-I’m here to help! 😉

Below are five great channels that post real time (follow along) workouts requiring little to no equipment. Let me know if you check them out!

  • Melissa Bender  She creates hundreds of workout videos and posts her workout each day. Her videos only require dumbbells, if that! Many of them are bodyweight. She is my go-to when I’m traveling.
  • Cyclone Fitness Sara, the trainer behind the cyclone, is one of my favorite people on YouTube. She’s funny, real, and totally motivating. She doesn’t post quite as often now that she has a membership site.I still use her old videos and follow her on all social media.
  • MooreFitness Krissy is a badass mom who’s got a home gym to be envied. Her workouts require a bit more equipment, similar to the BodyRock style, but they are TOUGH. She does both real time and demo type videos you can take to the gym.
  • Kelsey Mead I first found Kelsey on BodyRock when she led a challenge. Her attitude and mindset around fitness are so inspiring, and her workouts can’t be topped. I do at least one of her HIIT workouts a week.
  • Christine Salus Most of Christine’s workout are bodyweight or require a single additional weight. ALL of her workouts are real time, which is incredibly helpful. While I don’t agree with all of her mindset/vlog videos, her workouts are super fun and challenging.

What are your favorite YouTube fitness channels? Who’d I miss?


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  1. Katherine, did you see my workout channel on YouTube- sickfitbootcamp. It features a lot Tabata and HIIT workouts- I call them Fit In 15 workouts. Let me know what you think. Great blog BTW

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