{wedding ready workout} My BEST upper body workout to get you wedding ready

Is it wedding season already?! I don’t know about you but tons of my friends and teammates are getting married in spring/summer 2017. With their weddings around the corner, getting ready to rock their stunning wedding dresses is top of mind. I get it!

That’s why I decided to create my Wedding Ready workout series. I’m putting together three exclusive and super effective workouts to get you wedding dress READY.

With the most popular wedding dress styles, the bride’s back, shoulders, and arms are the center of attention. Of course, this leads to lots of questions about how to change the shape of their upper body. We all want toned arms, shapely shoulders, and a strong back, right?

But here’s the thing. Most of the time, when women approach me asking to change the shape of their body, they’re doing incessant cardio, spending hours on the treadmill.

While that may be enjoyable to some, it’s not going to get us the body shape w’ere looking for. That’s why I’ll always encourage them to start lifting weights and working intensely for short periods of time, instead of going to the gym to watch Bones reruns on the elliptical.  Added bonus? We’ll all have extra time to get shit done (wedding planning perhaps).

May 2016

With that in mind, I’ve put together an awesome workout to maximize the benefits of lifting weights while still elevating your heart rate. Add this workout to your weekly routine 1-2x per week and you should start seeing changes to your upper body within a month!

Upper Body Wedding Dress Workout

This sweaty upper body lift will get your heart rate up and tax those shoulders by working in interval style. You’ll complete each upper body exercise for 50 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. Before you rest, complete 60s of the cardio move of your choice.

With the most popular wedding dress styles, the bride's back, shoulders, and arms are the center of attention. Of course, this leads to lots of questions about how to strengthen and tone up their upper body. That's why I've created this wedding dress workout!

Aim for 2-3 rounds of the circuit, resting for 60s between each round.

Looking for more workouts?

This super effective lifting workout is similar to the workouts in my free 7 day fitness challenge!  If you need a bit of help with your workouts and nutrition, definitely join in! We’ll work together towards your goals for the next 7 days, giving you the jumpstart you need to get results.

What kind of workout do you want to see next?


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