Wednesday WOD: Dumbbell Step Up Exercise Variations

Happy hump day (or Wednesday Workout day), friends!

With another Workout Wednesday upon us, I’m sharing a weighted, lower body circuit that will help strengthen your legs and glutes.

This workout is a reader request. The request had two parts:

  1. Incorporate a number of step-up variations.
  2. Focus on building strength in your legs and glutes.

Here goes nothing!

In order to build strength and make some aesthetic changes (hello toned legs and booty), we’re combining strength exercises with heavy weights and plyometric movements to bring up your heart rate and maximize fat burning.

This workout will be performed in a circuit style and targets your low body. You will do each strength exercise for 40 seconds, rest for 20 seconds, and then you’ll do 30 seconds of up-and-overs before transitioning into the next strength exercise. It’ll make more sense as you follow along with the video but your time should look like this:


Pick a weight that makes it really challenging to complete the 40 second interval. If you need to take a few breaks throughout the interval, do it. It’s better to use a heavier weight and take breaks than use a weight that’s too light. Push as hard as you can until you can’t push anymore. Rest until you can go again. Repeat.

Real time leg workout at home

Let me know if you try it! I’d suggest that you incorporate this lower body workout twice a week for a month. You’ll see strength gains and aesthetic changes in your legs and booty, as long as you are consistent!

What’s your workout request?! 

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