Wednesday WOD: Warm Up + Mobility

Happy Hump Day friends!! As I mentioned last week, my training focus and intensity has changed this month as I prepare to summit Mt. Adams this weekend.  I’m definitely banking on my general fitness and strength to carry me through the 3,000 foot per day elevation gain. Yikes.

It’ll probably be a little different than breaking in the boots with Juno on the street. 😀


Regardless, I am so so so excited to live out my fitness and disconnect from the world of adulting for a few days. I’ll be sure to share a recap when I get back; hopefully I’ll have some really good pictures.

With all this in mind and another Workout Wednesday is upon us, I’m switching from the usual HIIT or MetCon circuit and demonstrating a warm up & mobility routine I recommend to all my clients (and that I use on a regular basis).

Warm ups are so important.

They increase your heart and respiratory rate.

They jack up your metabolism, even before starting your workout. 

They increase your cardiorespiratory system’s capacity to perform the upcoming workout.

They increase your body’s tissue temperature, decreasing the likelihood of strain or injury. 

They help prepare your brain for bouts of intense movement. 

I know, I know, warm ups are not necessarily very exciting-and they’re also the part of a workout all of us are most likely to skip. They just seem like additional, pointless exercises that make our workouts longer when we’re already way too busy.

I get it. And that’s why my warm ups are a little different. I intertwine yoga, mobility, and cardio into one routine.

Why use a combined warm up?

Because I don’t have time for all three! I’m busy too, so doing things like adding in yoga classes or extra mobility work are out of the question. Generally, the only way I work on my flexibility and mobility is to I incorporate it into my warm ups and cool downs. This warm up is one of my favorites, because it does all three.

warm up + Mobility. Real time video to warm up for cardio, hiit, or strength training.

Let me know if you try it!

What’s your favorite way to warm up for your workouts?

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