Wednesday WOD: Arm Workout for Women, with Weights

Weeeeeee, we’ve made it halfway through the week and all the way to June. I’m struggling to believe that I’ve been in Austin for almost eight months. It seems like we just showed up, and now it’s halfway through 2016.  Can’t say a whole lot has changed around here 😉

It’s Juno’s world. I’m just living in it.

Doing something a little different this week. Instead of posting on Movement Monday, picking an exercise I like and creating a workout around it, I’m taking requests! I would love to know the types of workouts you’d like to see, and I’ll write up example ones for you. Hoping this will be a fun way for all of us to work out together. Please comment below with the types of workouts or exercises you would like to see!

Today’s workout will involve working your upper body (arms) using dumbbells, per request, but will also include a few cardio bursts & burpees (of course) to make it fun.

This cardio and strength will work your whole body, with an emphasis on your upper body. Don't miss this workout!

Something you’ll notice in this workout is that I prioritize working your back & triceps rather than your chest & biceps, because this helps with your posture. Having an overactive chest can pull your body into more of a hunched position. We don’t want that!

The workout includes tabatas. These are super intense intervals in which you push ALL OUT for 20s and rest for 10s. Don’t let the short times mislead you; these should get your heart rate up and make you tired. You’ll complete the tabata round 8 times, then complete the superset of upper body strength exercises 3 times through.

In the strength portion, you will be moving from exercises in a standing position to those on the floor. This is fantastic for burning more calories but not so great for camera angles (apologies that I have to move the camera a bunch during the real time demo).

Let me know how you like this one!

If you’re loving this style of workout, don’t forget!  I’ve launched five of my go-to workouts for when you’re traveling. All of them are either bodyweight or dumbbell only AND they’re less than thirty minutes. And they’re free. If you’d like to check ’em out, all you need to do is sign up here.

What is a type of workout (equipment, body part targeted, time limit, etc) you’d like to see?

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