Your trainer should NOT be doing this

I recently overheard a conversation between colleagues at lunch that really got me fired up. It’s all too familiar.

“I see my personal trainer today. I know she’s going to make me run. I HATE running.

“Have you told her that?”

“Yeah I told her on our first session that I hate running. Now, she always says ‘you know what’s next, your favorite’ right before making me run.”

ARGHHHHHHHHHH. There is so much wrong with this conversation that it makes my blood boil. Why? Well, so many reasons but it all boils down to one thing.

Don't let your trainer do this. I recently overheard a conversation between colleagues at lunch that really got me fired up. It's all too familiar. "I see my personal trainer today. I know she's going to make me run. I HATE running."

Your trainer is lazy and is not putting you first.

As a trainer, it is my job to help you meet your aesthetic and fitness goals. It’s my job to support you, lift you up, and write programs that will enable you to succeed. This trainer is doing the complete opposite. Instead of listening to her client’s preferences with respect, she approaches the situation from a black and white standpoint; it’s running or nothing.

Sure, cardiovascular exercise is necessary for any well-balanced fitness program. It:

  • Improves your heart health
  • Increases your metabolism (well, this is more based on the intensity of the exercise)
  • Improves your hormonal profile
  • Improves your recoverability
  • Burns extra calories, supporting fat loss
  • Can help manage your blood sugar (source)

But it doesn’t have to be running. There are a hundred other ways to program for someone who does not like to run.

Stick her on a bike

Use the elliptical

Try the stairmaster

Jump on the rower

Program some circuit training,  which has been shown to be just as effective as “traditional” cardio

The bottom line is that forcing someone to do something they do not enjoy is all around bad training. It decreases the likelihood of compliance and lasting results (cuz who’s going to keep doing something when a trainer is no longer nagging?!)

I think what makes me so mad is that the trainer should know this but is teaching her client incorrect information that could steer her away from enjoying exercise and movement. Movement should be fun! It should bring you joy. This much joy. End of story.

So if that’s your trainer, back away slowly.  If you wanna know what your trainer SHOULD be doing, become my email buddy!! (no spam I promise). Tomorrow, I’ll be talking all about what to look for in a good trainer.

What’s one exercise you hate? 


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