FREE 7 day workout plan to help you STOP overexercising and START seeing results​


  • How much exercise is ENOUGH exercise? 
  • Am I working out enough to see results?
  • Am I working out too much? Too little?

I KNOW I’m not the only one with these questions! Am I right?!

I talk to women all the time who are over-exercising, mistakenly thinking that more equals better. On the other hand, I hear women struggle with getting enough training to see results and being consistent.

It can be hard to know what amount of exercise to do that’s “just right” to maximize results and still stay motivated to get up and train day after day.

That’s why I created the FREE #GoldilocksFitness Program.

If you want a weekly workout plan that will help you STOP overexercising, get CONSISTENT, and see RESULTS, my #GoldilocksFitness Program is for you. I’ve designed a week of workouts for you so that you can rest assured you’ve done just enough. Because the answer isn’t always “more,” and it’s not always “less.” It’s juuuuust right.

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In this FREE #GoldilocksFitness Program you'll get:

  • A 7 day workout plan designed for maximum results. Workouts can be done at home with a set of dumbbells.
  • Video demos of each exercise so that you know exactly what to do.
  • Peace of mind, knowing that you’re working “enough.”

Who's #GoldilocksFitness for?

  • Women who are sick of questioning if they’ve done enough exercise to see changes in their bodies.
  • Women who have been exercising consistently for months but aren’t seeing any results.
  • Women who are struggling to stay consistent with their workouts because they don’t have enough time.
  • Women who want to follow a short, effective training program so that they can workout consistently without wondering what to do.
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Hey lovey. Glad you're here.

I’m Katherine, an Anti-Perfect Lifestyle Coach who helps type A perfectionists end the all or nothing mindset trap and get consistent with healthy eating and fitness through my 4R Method, so that they can truly THRIVE.

I felt obligated to create this workout program, because I know how hard it is to know with certainty you’re working out the right amount.

I can’t wait for you to join us!

Have a question? Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at katherine@katherineedgecumbe.com.

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