2016 Progress: Revisiting the 3Ms

When I started the Katherine Lynn Fitness blog in January 2016, I wasn’t sure where it would go. I wasn’t yet a personal trainer or PN L1 coach, all I knew is I wanted to share my story with the world and help women live their lives more moderately and fulfilled. No official training on fitness, nutrition, or blogging, I stepped into the blogosphere. And when I look back at my first post, I remember that excitement. I set out my 2016 goals and intentions, bright eyed and bushy tailed, looking into the future.

My goals were the 3Ms, and I thought it’d be timely to check in with them and share my learnings with almost 3/4 of the year under our belts.


 Reach your 2016 goals


To give a little context, moderation is really fucking hard. Our brains, well at least mine, are pretty much wired for extremes. And as someone who’s battled an eating disorder for over ten years, to say moderation does not come easily is a bit of an understatement. It’s been a constant process of LEARNING what moderation actually means for me, and I’ve made serious strides since January 2016.


Now, that’s not to say there haven’t been ups and downs. Something I am still working on is handling my trips out to California with a tad more moderation.


When I’m in California, I do find myself slipping into the all or nothing mentality (well mostly just the ALL mentality) due to FOMO. I don’t want to miss out on special times with the people I love. That’s where moderation comes into play: if I am drinking a bit more vino, I am very strict with my protein + veggies rule at every meal and hydrate through the roof. It’s not perfection but that’s moderation.

Why do you care?

The key to moderation is figuring out what that definition means for YOU. I have friends who would rather have dessert 1000x over than sip a glass of wine, so that should be worked into their definition too. Maybe movement is your challenge. If so, it’s going to be all about setting those realistic goals and expectations.


As with most women, maintenance is often harder than losing (or gaining, ha) weight. That was always the case with me.

When I went in to see a nutritionist for the first time in college, I remember saying to her, I am always either trying to lose weight or I end up gaining weight. GAH. SO SHITTY.

Despite a lot of shit going down in the last eight months, I’m proud to say, I’ve maintained right around the same bf% (give or take 1%) and am still wearing the same pair of jeans. My barometer shorts are still fitting.


Why do you care?

Getting a barometer piece of clothing is imperative. This will eliminate the need for a scale. All you need to do is have a pair of jeans/shorts that you can use to gauge your progress. With maintenance, a scale is the worst way to track progress. Your body, especially if you are a woman, is gonna fluctuate 2-5lbs over the course of a week. Use a piece of clothing and get yourself off that emotional roller coaster.


This has been a constant area of growth for me, too. As I’ve said, I struggle with extremes. I’ve struggled with feelings of failure quite a bit since January. Starting a blog, starting a coaching biz, there’s a lot of rejection involved. I’m doing all I can to stay positive and continue moving forward.


Why do you care?

The key to a positive/moderate mindset is always returning back to WHY YOU STARTED. If you keep connecting to the reason you’re here, you’ll never stop. Write it down, put it on your phone, do something to keep it top of mind.

I am ALWAYS reminding myself that I am here because I am so sick of the aesthetic focused fitness industry. I am here because my struggles can help other people. I am here because fitness should bring you joy, not self-hate. I reconnect to these things every single day.

What’s a big win for you in 2016?

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