July 2016 stitch fix review #3

Reviewing my July Stitch Fix haul & talking fashion 🙂  

Happy Stitch Fix day everyone!

In case you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, it is a program where you get an online stylist who sends you 5 items whenever you prefer (I get items every six to eight weeks). The items your stylist sends are based off of your style profile, which includes everything from fit to style to budget. You’ve got three days to try everything on in the comfort of your home, with your current wardrobe all around you. Then, you choose what to keep and send back what you don’t like (totally free – shipping is included).


This time, I’m pretty sure I blanked and forgot I was getting a fix. I didn’t give any guidance to my stylist (oops) but the fix still turned out really well. After 16 fixes, it seems Laura knows me pretty well.

july 2016 stitch fix review

For my July 2016 stitch fix, I received:

Kassidy Faux Wrap Dress

I love wrap dresses for their simplicity, comfort, and style. They’re flattering on any body type while still being pretty and feminine. The style was enough to get me past the fact the color was so outside of my comfort zone. Never did I expect to wear a bright purple dress!

IMG_4440 (1).jpg


Gaura Back Detail Knit Top

Stripes and bows? Let’s be real. We already know I’m going to keep this. The fabric is super soft, and I love the detailing in this top. It also fit nicely, not too tight, and was super slimming.



Marcos Crochet Neckline Top

I really liked this top but would have preferred it in a different color. I don’t wear a ton of bright colors, and orange and purple in the same box were a lot. I also probably would have kept this top if I had some extra cash but I could only keep three items this time.



Shuglas Bar Back Knit Top

I absolutely adore the back of this top. The detailing was so so cute!


But, unfortunately, this top was very short for my torso, which left me looking boxy. I would have loved it had it been a tad longer. The top barely hit my hips, and it definitely was not designed to be a crop top.



Blake Scissor Cut Hem Skinny Jean

When I saw the color, I knew I would be keeping these if they fit. Thankfully they did! The cut and fit were perfect too, not too low or high waisted with plenty of stretch. I’m a little worried they’ll stretch out too much but we’ll see. At this point, I would definitely recommend them!


If you have any questions on the service, let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means if you sign up for Stitch Fix, I get credit if you click through my link (and I appreciate it so much! :))

What styles are you loving for summer?

4 thoughts on “July 2016 stitch fix review #3

  1. This has been so helpful! I had signed up but haven’t ordered any fixes yet out of uncertainty, but all your items look great and I might give it a shot now! Thank you!!

  2. I just got my first stitch and loved it! I was wondering if we kept the same stylist, I couldn’t find that info anywhere! I loved mine, so I hope I get to keep her 🙂 Love the color of the skinny jeans!

  3. I am so glad you liked your fix! The stylist’s name should be on the card you receive with the little note! If you love your stylist and only want her, just shoot them an email–I did!! <3

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