Increase your willpower: five lifestyle hacks

Happy Friday! I hope it’s been a great short week for you! It’s been a super busy one for me, jet-setting between California and Texas to celebrate my grandma’s 92nd birthday. She’s one amazing lady.

It was so good to be home but I can honestly say that this weekend will be full of nothing but chill time with Juno. It’s been a long time since I have had to travel so much and it has me wiped out.

It’s when you are exhausted like this that you tend to slip into bad nutrition and workout habits. You’ve had the longest week of work in your life and suddenly all you want to do is grab some fast food on the way home, eat ice cream straight from the carton, and drink a bottle of wine. You wake up feeling worse than before.

In these situations, we need a few hacks to strengthen our willpower muscle.

Today, I’m sharing my five lifestyle hacks that I use whenever I feel my willpower fading.

Increase your willpower

My five favorite lifestyle hacks!

Hack #1: Give yourself an indulgence

Part of why our willpower wanes is that we never give ourselves a break. We try to white knuckle through the tough stuff as if there’s a prize for doing it all without any help.


Giving yourself a small indulgence will help you to resist temptation later.

I don’t know about you but I think it is better to have a few pieces of chocolate than a pint of ice cream.

Hack #2: Take a nap

When you’re overtired, your body releases the hormones that give you an appetite and make you feel hungry. There’s also evidence that these hormones also increase your cravings for sugary, fatty, and processed foods. Uh oh.

pit bull and mom

So, when you’re feeling pretty stressed and tired, perhaps the best thing you can do for your body composition and willpower is to rest.


Hack #3: Plan all of your meals

When you take the time to plan your meals, you give your willpower a break. I am not advocating soggy broccoli and dry chicken. I am advocating a little “pre-work” and planning to make meals a little easier.

slow cooker meal lifestyle hacks

I used to be staunchly against meal planning, thinking of it as too extreme. But since moving to Texas, I’ve changed my tune and realized it’s not black and white. Shift your mindset and you realize meal prep allows you to be relaxed on weeknights.

Meal prep is a tool to save your time and willpower.

Hack #4: Save your carbohydrates for the evening

As my trainer helped me understand, there are tons of benefits to eating your carbs towards the end of the day. [Thank goodness because I do not wanna give up my nighttime carb heavy snack!]


While there are lots of benefits to timing your carb intake, one of the main reasons I do it is to ensure I remain compliant with my meal plan throughout the rest of the day. When I have a Lenny & Larry cookie and some popcorn to look forward to, I don’t feel the need to eat carbs between breakfast and dinnertime.

If you’ve been abiding by the idea that all food eaten after 7pm turns into body fat, try out this life hack and feel your willpower soar.

Hack #5: Drink extra waterGreen juice and water

We often mistake thirst for hunger, so when you’re extra drained, it’s important to make sure that your body is hydrated. Listen to your body and make sure that you are fueling with good food and enough water.

With these hacks under your belt, you, my friend, will soon be a willpower ninja!

If you’re looking for more guidance on handling your willpower, my checklist to eat for fat loss teaches you exactly how to eat at every meal to lose weight. You’ll see the exact 6 questions I ask myself before I eat any meal. If you want to automate your eating once and for all, check it out!

What do you do to stay on track when you’re tired?