Why I don’t want six pack abs

It’s a fitness craze like no other. I probably don’t even need to elaborate…you already know what I’m talking about 🙂 Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 10.22.30 AM.png

It’s impossible to avoid the chatter! They’re the #1 fitness goal for men and women alike. There are a thousand ways to get them. Each summer, hundreds of workout programs, magical pills, and diets emerge promising them for a low low price.

You can’t escape posts about food prep and the thousands of times you hear”abs are made in the kitchen.” So many images of “success” fill your Instagram and Facebook feeds that you’re convinced absolutely everyone wants them and is working to achieve those six pack abs.

But I don’t ever want a six pack.

You can't escape posts about food prep and the thousands of times you hear"abs are made in the kitchen." So many images of "success" fill your Instagram and Facebook feeds that you're convinced absolutely everyone wants them and is working to achieve that six pack. But I don't ever want a six pack.

Let’s back up a little bit. It hasn’t always been that way. My stomach has always been my “problem area.” As long as I can remember, I’ve hated it. I never would run in a just sports bra, even when I was a competitive runner. Nobody could touch my belly. I wouldn’t wear a bikini. I was constantly searching for “ab” workouts to do to “fix” my stomach. Bombarded with so many gimmicks and opportunities to change my body, I felt that I had to do this to be confident in my body.


I vividly remember this day almost two years ago when I was with Andrew and two of my best friends. It was July and we were hiking around this beautiful lake.  It was so effing hot. In my pink tank top and shorts, sweat dripping down my back when we passed this perfect jumping rock. We wanted nothing more than to jump in the icy water. Even surrounded by people who loved me unconditionally, I spent the fifteen minutes swimming and jumping feeling nothing but fear. I was SO aware of my stomach that I only would allow pictures from behind (haaaaa).

For the year afterwards, getting those abs was my #1 goal, too. I started lifting. I dialed in my nutrition. I started doing interval training. I was doing all the right things, and my body began to change. My legs got stronger and my arms leaner. But not my abs. My stomach remained basically the same at 16% body fat in December 2015 as it was at 20% back in January 2015. Gah, it’s still so freaking scary to post these pictures…

That’s when I realized how fucking stupid I was acting in pursuit of six pack abs.

Focusing on my abs in this way went against EVERYTHING I want for the women around me, detracting me from the life I want to lead.

It caused me to ignore other victories (squatting more weight! running faster! doing SO many more push ups! getting my first pull up!) because my six pack had not yet emerged. 

It kept me from experiencing JOY in my life because I was afraid of someone seeing my stomach.

It kept me in a restrictive nutritional mindset because we all know that abs are made in the kitchen. 

It left me seeking an unhealthy goal because I would need an unhealthy body fat level to obtain this goal. 


Fitness is about joy and living a more fulfilled life. Not only would achieving a six pack be insanely (physically) unhealthy for me but it also distracts me from the more important things in my life: enjoyment, self love, and strength. So what now?

I’ll aim for strength and a stronger squat.

I’ll aim for more pull ups.

I’ll aim to get FASTER and to win a 10k. 

I’ll aim for a healthy body fat %.  

I’ll aim for bigger glutes and a sculpted back.

I will never ever aim for six pack abs.

All that said, I’m not against anyone else pursuing his or her goals, aesthetic or otherwise. And, I would totally help another woman achieve a six pack, as long as it’s healthy and constructive for her, enhancing her ability to live her life.

As for me? I am TOTALLY OKAY being the personal trainer without six pack abs. I don’t need abs to help women listen to their bodies and stop chasing the next quick fix, instead focusing on finding a lifestyle that brings better health, results, and JOY.

So that’s what I’ll do. 

Side plannk

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What’s your current fitness goal?





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