Things I’m Loving Friday #10

Sharing my faves from the week on the blog, join in!

TGIF friends!! What are you up to this Easter weekend?!

New Arctic Zero Flavors

Omg. I shouldn’t be this excited but am absolutely loving the new flavors Arctic Zero put out recently. The brownie chunks made my Friday night.


Starting a new phase of training

In my current training plan, we’ve been working on mastering the chin up. In three months, I’ve gone from being able to complete zero to stringing three full chin ups together! Next phase, we are focusing on the depth and range of motion of our pistol squat. Cannot wait to see what this phase will bring!

Fitness Idol Follower!

I try not to get to focused on likes or follows on social media but this was so dang cool. After commenting on Melissa’s recent post, she started following my feed! Literally fell over. SO cool. I look up to Melissa and hope someday my blog can help as many people as her’s!IMG_3289

Albion Fit Swims

I absolutely love this brand. Their models are real women, and all of their swimsuits are modest but still beautiful and sexy. I already have this one and am getting ready to buy another!

Coming home

My next trip is booked for April 5th and I cannot wait to jump on that plane to be home for 11 days <3

What’s been the highlight of your week?

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