Things I’m Loving Friday #2

Back to the regularly scheduled program after yesterday’s announcement 😉

Last night, after a team happy hour, I came home to hang with Juno and do some for my CPR/AED training (requirements for the NASM CPT exam). It was a nice end to the day.

I hope ya’ll have had a great week. As we finish up January, I wanted to share some of my favorites from the week!!

Juno in Office


Juno grew up at Google. Since she was 3 months old (aka, when I started fostering her), she’s spent her days hanging out with me at work. It’s been so good for her socialization and for my stress levels. My Austin office is not dog friendly, so working without her has been an adjustment for both of us. Today though, I’m headed into a different Google office that does welcome its dooglers, cannot wait!


If you are anything like me, you find yourself wearing the same three shirts and two pairs of jeans 24-7. Even with Stitch Fix kindly styling me with new clothes every few months (I love you, Laura), I stick to the basics, leaving my closet full of beautiful clothes I never wear. Enter threadUP, a service that will PAY for you to ship your ‘like new’ clothing to them and PAY you for the items they keep, donating the rest to charity. I sent a huge bag out on Monday and have been feeling very accomplished all week.


Friends Visiting!

One of my best friends is flying in today, and I can’t wait! We are going to relax, hang out with Juno, and eat/drink up a storm 🙂 It’ll be a great weekend. I’m missing home a lot so, here’s hoping this will help! I would love if you check out our shenanigans on my Instagram 🙂

Austin’s Winter Weather

With a friend coming into town, I had to check the weather and was pleasantly surprised to see we are avoiding El Niño. Needless to say, we will spend much time outdoors!

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 1.02.40 PM.png

Being Back in the (online) Classroom

I’ve started attacking some self-study materials for my NASM CPT exam, and am LOVING it. Learning about something I actually care about and plan to use is so different than I remember about being in school. It becomes more, how can I use this to help? Why does this actually matter?

Happy weekend, lovelies! Ya’ll deserve it! Let me know your big plans.

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