Things I’m Loving #5…a Little Late

Hey everyone! I hope y’all are doing great, and enjoyed your weekend! Juno and I have been in California, enjoying time away with our little family. My ‘things I’m loving’ post was delayed.

My bad!!! I’m doing my best to write fun posts while still keeping up with my CPT exam course. It’s harder than I thought to balance everything. Regardless, give me feedback about what you’d like to see on the blog. I write for all of you!

Oatmega bars

Have you guys seen these? I needed a quick snack after my lifting sesh on Saturday and found these bars. They’ve got omega-3s, protein, and fiber! Pretty sure these are going to become my go-to snack bar.


SFO “airport” food

I was pretty damn amazed at the options at the airport. It made me happy to see healthy foods and people eating them! It’s such a far cry from five years ago when traveling made it hard to eat good food.


The truth about body fat %

I’m pretty pleased with the response from my recent post. Thanks to everyone who reached out with love and support <3

My cuddle bugs together again

One of the highlights of being in California was watching Juno and Dany together. They play so well, and love each other. They did NOT want to be separated Sunday morning.



Chin ups!

Andrew and I got in a phenomenal workout on Saturday that included a superset of front squats and chin ups–brutal! I’ve been working so hard to progress my chin ups, and just this week was able to string two together. My goals are lofting, but I’m getting there! Video on my instagram 😀

There’s a little encouragement for your Monday!

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