Things I’m Loving Friday #1

It’s Friday! And the Friday before a long weekend here in the US! Let me tell you, I am SO ready to enjoy the weekend. Andrew is here with me and Juno, and we are gonna tear up the town. And by that, I mean have some yummy food, drink good beer/wine, and hang out outside on this beautiful Austin weekend.


Things I’m Loving!

Lazy morning


Rarely do I drink coffee at home, let alone work out at 10.30am! It’s always go-go-go. TBH, I know it’s going to be a great day when I have a cup of coffee before I work out. For me, that’s kind of a sign I am slowing down. In 2016, I need to do this more!

Cards from Grandma


I’m the first one from my family to move more than an hour away, and I miss my family so much. Today, I received a card from my 91 year old grandma that made me cry. So much love. If you needed a reminder to tell someone you love him/her, this is it! <3



For lunch I had possibly the best salad ever. It was a total kitchen sink salad that had everything from beef tenderloin to cranberries to avocado. That + guacamole and chips + a French 75 made for a perfect day-off lunch!

This guy


So incredibly happy he’s here visiting. It was amazing to hang out, relax, and eat/drink together again.

Sleepy Juno


She’s attached to his hip and I think that’s tired her out!

We’re off to grab some noms from Whole Foods (did you know they started up here in Austin??) and watch a movie. Have a great weekend!!

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