3 unexpected obstacles to consistency – and how to overcome them

Women come to me almost weekly frustrated that they can’t stay consistent with healthy eating and exercise. We try SO dang hard to get it right, so it’s even more frustrating when our good intentions get derailed AGAIN by a plate of cupcakes in the break room.

As a coach, I find that we struggle with consistency for all the reasons we don’t expect. We aren’t lacking motivation or willpower. Instead, I find that we’re dealing with 4 common – but often unexpected – obstacles to consistency. Today, I’m breaking them down and helping YOU overcome them. (And if you want support on getting more consistent, the #ConfidentlyConsistent Training could be great for you. Check it out here.)

3 unexpected obstacles to consistency

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Your expectations

Are your expectations or your habits the problem? So often, as women, we try to be absolutely perfect. But when we apply that perfectionism to our eating and exercise, we can manufacture a problem where there really isn’t one.

Eating perfectly doesn’t work. Strict rules are great until they’re not. And lovely, the problem isn’t with you; it’s with how you’re viewing the situation.

Let’s take weekend eating for an example. Even if you eat differently on weekends than you do on Monday, you can still see results (I wrote more about weekend eating here) and be mostly consistent.

So if you’re struggling to stay consistent, check yourself. Are you really struggling or are you trying to be perfect – not consistent? The story we tell ourselves truly matters.

If being 80% consistent is good enough, then we are WAY more likely to stick with it.

Changing the narrative in your head could can help you get way more consistent with your nutrition and workouts. This is why we talk SO much about the stories you’re telling yourself in the #ConfidentlyConsistent training series.

Your stress levels

The latest HIIT workout craze and diet program can be much more fun to discuss than recovery and stress management. But truth is, not managing our stress is keeping us from being consistent.

When we’re stressed:

-our hormones get out of whack, leading to intense cravings

-our sleep suffers, which affects our appetite (a central component of mastering consistent nutrition)

-we feel anxious and resort to emotional eating (which isn’t always bad)

SO, if you aren’t able to stay as consistent as you’d like, take a look at your stress levels and adjust appropriately. Take a nap, walk the pup, journal, or do some yoga, instead of stressing out over your calorie count for the day (if you’re trying to stop counting calories without anxiety, I can help). That just might be the missing piece for you.

Your workout & nutrition plan itself

You’re trying to eat intuitively without gaining weight but you gain weight anyway. You’re working out daily but not seeing results, so you fall off the wagon. You try so hard to get back on track but it’s so dang hard.

If staying consistent is challenging you, the problem likely has NOTHING to do with you: it’s probably your workout program and eating routine.

When our programs are too strict and require perfection, we set ourselves up to fail (why diet plans fail), because restriction always wins.

So, if you’re having a rough time sticking to your plan, it’s time to question the plan – not yourself or your worth. I’d encourage you to stop seeking out the best new information and focus on what’s right for YOU. I break down how to do this without stressing here.

If you’d like some customized guidance on how to stay more consistent, please check out the #ConfidentlyConsistent live training series. Lovey, you get so hung up on getting this perfectly that it’s actually sabotaging your efforts… nothing in life is perfect, but you can get confidently consistent.

I designed the #ConfidentlyConsistent Series for the woman who’s ready to figure this consistency thing out, once and for all, and get a hell of a lot more confident in herself in the process.

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