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Hey there friends! Happy Friday! Today, I’ve got a special treat for you: a guest post from one of my dear friends, Zoe. Zoe and I met at the Radiance Retreat in Los Angeles in May and connected right away. She’s an incredible woman AND health & happiness blogger. Enjoy her delicious snack recipes, and be sure to connect with her! 


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As Katherine mentioned, we met at the Radiance Retreat in Venice, California, and we immediately clicked – she is such a sweet girl, and it is so refreshing to meet women who are as empowering and as caring as she is. I was thrilled when Katherine asked me to write a guest blog for her 14 day challenge. I hope you love what I have put together for you all!


I want to talk snacks in a second, but first I think it is important that I tell you a little bit about my food philosophy in general. Like Katherine, I am all about #moderateeating! I don’t believe in deprivation or avoiding specific food groups (unless you have to for medical reasons). Instead, my focus is on the #realfoodmovement, and having more time to spend with family, friends, and enjoying your food! I like to keep things as simple and as healthy as possible and I have a not-so-secret affinity for smoothies.

Chunky Monkey Protein Shake

Now that we have that out of the way, I want to get real with you here.

I get hangry. I travel a ton for work, and my coworkers tease me when they know it is time I have a snack. I have ridden the tidal wave of hunger-induced stress, anger and impatience, but luckily it is something I have learned to navigate over the years.

Today I want to share my tricks for packing nutritious, simple, on-the-go snacks with you:

Try to start with whole foods (read: as minimally processed as possible).

Lately, my favorite fruits and veggies have included: mini bell peppers, grapes, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. To make things cheaper, try to buy whatever fresh produce is in season. Honestly, you cannot make snacks any more simple than a grab-and-go fruit or vegetable. It just doesn’t get any better than that!


At work I always have a stash of my favorite snacks in case I get really hungry. I have a large bag of almonds, packets of oatmeal (also great for when I forget to bring a lunch) and Justin’s peanut butter cups for when I need something a little bit sweeter. I also have my own stash of honey and cinnamon, in case I want to sweeten anything naturally (aka my oatmeal). Having healthy and filling options available when I need them helps me walk past the piles of candy that I used to be known to frequent.

When fresh fruit and vegetables aren’t an option (especially when I am stuck in an airport), I stick with a few of my go-to’s: Larabars, Kind bars (remember-a two month supply is up for grabs with the #fitnessandlifestylereboot check-in challenges!), raw almonds, trail mix and cold pressed juices.


One of my pet peeves is when people tell me that I have to eat a certain fruit or vegetable (or food in general, for that matter) because it is the best for you.

Caprese Salad (1)

I would much rather eat something I love that leaves me feeling satisfied than something that I don’t really like but feel like I should eat. For me, that means not forcing myself to have broccoli, bananas (unless they are in smoothies), or – gasp! – kale. I just don’t dig them, so I don’t force myself to eat them. You should love how you eat – not dread it! Think about the foods you love and make sure to get a stock pile going on those. Then ditch the foods that you feel obligated to eat – and don’t look back!

I love sharing recipes to fuel your day! Next time you are looking to add a little variety to your snack routine or simply want to take your snacks up to the next level, try adding these three recipes into your repertoire.

Maple Cinnamon Fruit Dipxoxo,

Zoe Lauryn


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