#MetCon20 - Free Workout Challenge


A free workout consistency challenge for March 2018


Workout for 20 minutes a day and see better results than when you trained for 60


  • In order to see changes, we've gotta train consistently and efficiently. The goal is to reset our fitness routines through short, effective metabolic conditioning workouts. Metabolic conditioning (aka #MetCon) is one of the best ways to change the shape of our bodies in less than 25 minutes. These are weight training workouts, but they'll also challenge your cardio. 
  • This is INSTAGRAM Challenge! So yes, you need to sign up for a free account. You will "check in" each day on Instagram, using a photo (anything from a sweaty selfie to a quote or funny meme). By HASHTAGGING ALL POSTS using "#MetCon20" and also the DAY of the challenge it is for you, you'll be in the running to win free coaching! Don't worry. I'll send you example posts via email after you sign up!
  • To complete the challenge, you must complete eight 20-minute workouts over 10 days.
  • The workouts are challenging! Even though the workouts are short, you don't need to add on any additional exercise. If you've got more time, knock yourself out with more restorative stuff (leisure walking, yoga, stretching mobility). Any workout longer than 20 minutes won't get you in the running! Our goal is quick, tough, and results-focused. 
  • I'll share the exact workouts via email. On March 21st, you'll receive FIVE brand new #MetCon20 workouts. They'll all be 20 minutes or less, and you'll be able to pick and choose which you want to do. You can do the workouts at home with a set of moderate weight dumbbells or at a gym.
  • You'll also receive additional BONUS education in a closed FB group for all challengers. I'll be on LIVE 5x over the challenge to give you extra education on nutrition and mindset so you can implement the workouts effectively and stay on track. 
  • Questions? I got you. Email me at katherine@katherineedgecumbe.com

#MetCon20 begins on March 22nd! Add yourself + get all the details via email!

About Your Coach

As an eating disorder survivor of over ten years, NASM certified personal trainer, & Precision Nutrition L1 coach, my mission is to help women be consistent with their workouts and eating without obsession or restriction. I'm all about trading obsession for ease in our fitness and nutrition journeys.

I'm a California born dog mom, coffee drinker, wine lover, and pit bull advocate. My favorite time of the the day is 5:30am when I'm snuggling my pit bull baby, Juno and brainstorming new ways to help other women quit stressing over nutrition, fitness, and losing weight. 

I created #MetCon20 to help women stop struggling to fit in their workouts and see results. I wanna show you that it's possible to workout for only 20 minutes a day AND get better results than when you were exercising for an hour.

Katherine Edgecumbe


Founder & Owner of Katherine Lynn Coaching, LLC

#MetCon20 begins on March 22nd! Add yourself + get all the details via email >>