#2016 Goals and the 3Ms

It may be silly to be even more excited about Jan 11 than Jan 1 but I am!
Now that the New Year dust has settled, we’re back in ATX, the apartment is clean, and a week back at work is under my belt, it’s time to set intentions for 2016. This year is going to be different (cliche). New state, new job, bionic knees for Juno (more on that later), but most importantly new goals.
As I start 2016, I’m considering new goals that will now on be dubbed the three Ms.
Over the last twenty four years, none of the above have come easily. All or nothing has historically been my jam. Now it’s time to start over and approach things a tad differently. I know there will be some false starts and stumbles but hopefully some big wins too.
Over this year, I’m going to share progress on the 3 Ms in my life. My hope is that sharing these weaknesses will help you to find a (more) happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.
Here’s hoping you join me along the way.
What are your #2016 goals? Let me know below.

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