3 better new year’s resolutions for healthy lifestyle & self development

We’re nearing the end of a DECADE, so everyone’s thinking about how to make 2020 different than 2019. It’s the time that we’re all setting New Year’s Resolutions, too. But most new year’s resolutions – especially new year’s resolutions for healthy lifestyle – will fail by February.

So often, my clients will set new year’s resolutions for healthy lifestyle and struggle to see them through. They struggle to maintain motivation (here’s how I solve the motivation issue) past January 3rd. And I totally get it. It can be tough to maintain a healthy lifestyle – and even harder when you’re starting out with new habits (I wrote all about that here –3 reasons you haven’t been able to stick with a healthy lifestyle change).

Frankly, a big part of why they struggle is they set the wrong type of resolutions, which is making it even harder to stick to them.

What’s the wrong type of new year’s resolution for healthy lifestyle?

An outcome based resolution

When we focus on the outcome instead of the process, we set ourselves up for long-term failure, whether or not we reach our outcome resolution. Think about it. If you want to lose 10lbs and you do, your motivation will decline once you hit that number. If you don’t? Your motivation will STILL decline from not reaching your goal. Sounds like a lose-lose situation to me.

I’m not saying to throw away outcome goals all together, in fact, they CAN help you get started, but if you also work to value the actual act, you’ll achieve much more long term success.

So instead, I’m sharing 3 better new year’s resolutions for healthy lifestyle to help you motivate yourself all 2020 long.

3 better new year’s resolutions for healthy lifestyle

Below, I outline 3 new year’s resolutions for a healthy lifestyle that will help you live a healthier, more consistent 2020. I also break out suggestions of how to apply in your life. I’d suggest reading through each suggestion & determining what would be most exciting to you. Journal about it and come up with specific goals.

I resolve to invest in myself.

We often will take the new year as the opportunity to take a step back, budget, and save money – but one of the best resolutions you can make is to invest in yourself & YOUR growth. In the last two and a half years, I’ve invested over $10,000 in coaching, therapy, and personal development. When I invested, I grew exponentially.

Investing in yourself can look like:

  • Hiring a coach (health, life, relationship, career)
  • Purchasing online courses in an area that you’re interested in learning
  • Choosing to read one nonfiction book per month

I resolve to manage my energy.

Starting a new year leaves us at risk of trying to do all the things. We’re tempted to add one more thing (working out 5x a week! journaling daily! meditating!) to our already busy schedules. But instead of just picking something more to do, what if you focused on managing your energy? What if you asked yourself what lights you up and gives you energy, instead of feeling depleted and doing MORE of that thing?

These questions are SO simple, but we often forget to ask. This is why resolving to manage (& honor) your energy is so valuable.

Managing your energy could look like:

  • Giving yourself permission to skip plans when you feel overtired
  • Planning at least one night at home a week
  • Journaling monthly about how you’re spending your time – what lights you up? what depletes you?

I resolve to be more aware of what I need.

The biggest gamechanger for me – and my clients – has been getting more aware of what we really need. Until a couple years ago, I never asked this question of myself and would never have been able to answer it. Thinking about my needs just wasn’t part of my daily life. When my 5.5 year relationship fell apart and I was on my own again, I first started trying to ask – but always came up empty. I had no idea at all. And looking back, that’s why I had such a tough time finding happiness, fulfillment, and ease in all areas of my life.

That’s why teaching my clients to honor their needs is central to my coaching philosophy. If you don’t truly know what you need – or at least start figuring it out – you’ll continue to numb with food, try every diet out there, seek out all the information, and feel completely disconnected from your own body. Other coaches focus on “good” nutrition, habit change, and hormones – but I start with your needs. Cuz if that doesn’t get sorted, nothing else matters.⠀

Learning to be more aware of what you need could look like:

  • Going to therapy to unpack some of the reasons it’s hard to identify your needs
  • Asking yourself multiple times a day what you need (I love a reminder on my phone!)
  • Practicing asking others in your life for what you really want from them

As you move forward into 2020 with these resolutions, you’ll be more motivated & consistent than before. If you need a little more help, book a free strategy call here & we can walk through the best new year’s resolution for healthy lifestyle for YOU. Pick a time that works for you, fill out the application, and I’ll give you a call!