5 journal prompts for when you fall off the wagon

Making mistakes is really challenging for my clients working on upping their consistency game and finally getting off the yo-yo cycle (normally this is due to motivation wavering – download my worksheet to master your motivation here). They’re trying SO dang hard to stick with their healthy eating and exercise plans and when they find themselves not able to “stick with it,” they feel like they’re failing at this whole consistency thing. And I get it – looking at a week where you ate more chocolate than kale and missed your workouts can make you feel really shitty. So, with my Effortlessly Consistent Coaching clients, we address this through creating a customized nutrition strategy, unique to each individual, and through a lot of reflection and journal prompts to put their inconsistency into perspective.

So today, I’m sharing with you five of the journal prompts I give my clients when they’re having an off week.

But first.

Remember that consistency is the sum of the thousands of choices that we make over the course of our lives. A single choice, a single day, or even a single week doesn’t make a huge difference. Getting back on track makes the real difference.

And if you try to get back on track without addressing some of the mindset components revealed in these journal prompts, you’ll continue to struggle.

Now that we have that out of the way…

5 journal prompts for when you fall off the wagon

What’s a consistency win from the last week?

As perfectionists, we tend to be REALLY hard on ourselves. Often, we look at one choice and generalize the whole situation.

I always encourage my clients to dig in and find something that’s been going well. When you always focus on the bad, which you feel even worse. Instead, choose to focus on what’s been working.

Drank all your water? Got 7 hours of sleep a night? Took the dog for a walk every day?

Celebrate those wins – they are worth reflecting on!

How are you more consistent now than four months ago?

Here’s where the perspective comes into play. This journal prompt encourages you to think back. Think about where you were four months ago vs. where you are now. I guarantee there are things you’re doing differently, with more ease, and more consistency. Take note of those.

What do you need?

Once you’ve gained a little perspective around what’s going on, it’s time to reflect a bit on YOU, specifically what you need and how you can give that to yourself.

The question of what you need can be tough to crack – if you haven’t asked it before. So I encourage my clients to ask and simply let themselves write. Writing out a stream of consciousness can be very therapeutic – and may afford some surprising realizations.

Even if this question is tougher to answer, try asking it a couple times a day. It gets way easier – and getting clear on what you need is the real secret at staying consistent.

How can I practice self care today?

If you struggle answering what you need, that’s totally okay, transition to this question.

Figuring out how you can take care of yourself is SO important when you’ve been less than consistent.

When we punish ourselves for our ‘mistakes,’ we end up feeling deprived and depressed. These negative emotions lead us to binge, miss workouts, and lose our motivation (download my Master Your Motivation Momentum worksheet here). But when we give ourselves grace and compassion by making choices that feel good, it becomes a lot easier to get back on our game.

A couple self care suggestions:

  • Take a yoga class
  • Call a friend
  • Make a nutritious, tasty meal
  • Hug your dog
  • Say no to social engagements so you can recharge

Why does being more consistent really matter to you?

Getting clear on your WHY – after you’ve put your inconsistency into perspective & found ways to be kinder to yourself – can be the kick in the pants you need to get back to your consistent, healthy lifestyle. If you are not clear on WHY this really matters, you’ll continue to struggle to stay consistent. So, take some time to reflect on WHY being consistent really matter to you. This is more than “I want to lose 20lbs” – this is about what consistency brings to your life.

  • Does it allow you more freedom to be present with your family and friends?
  • Does it help you to feel better in your own skin?
  • Does it make you more confident and build up your self esteem?

I hope these journal prompts help you to feel more confident in yourself & your ability to stay more consistent. If we really wanna get consistent – like really consistent for the rest of our lives – we have to do two things:

(1) Recognize the little victories

(2) Stop getting bogged down in the details

SO often, when we are trying so hard to stick to a diet, we are looking at the one thing we messed up during the day (why DID I eat that cookie??) instead of all the other choices we are making.

If you’d like to get started with being a heck of a lot more consistent, I’d love for you to check out my Master Your Motivation Momentum worksheet. In this worksheet, I’m going to teach you how to:
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Now, you can keep your ongoing ‘on again off again’ battle with your health and fitness, or you can use motivation to your advantage with this consistency system checklist.

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