Healthy lifestyle changes – 3 reasons you haven’t been consistent

When ladies come to me, they’re rarely new at trying to make healthy lifestyle changes. They’ve tried over and over to eat healthy consistently (here are the biggest 3 obstacles to consistency), workout more, and stay motivated – but they just can’t seem to make it stick. They will have a busy week, fall off the wagon, saying they’ll get back on track the next week. But it’s really really hard….so they don’t….and they again feel like they failed at making healthy lifestyle changes last.

Through coaching dozens of perfectionist women around the world, helping them ditch the all-or-nothing mindset, so they can finally get consistent, I’ve found that there are three main reasons we can’t seem to make these healthy lifestyle changes part of our everyday life. Today, I’m sharing them with you, so that you can avoid these mistakes and stay way more consistent.

But first things first.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, your motivation (here’s how to use your lack of motivation to get more consistent) or your willpower (learn to lose weight without willpower here). It is so much more about the plan – and what you are trying to do – not you as a woman. You, lovey, are amazing as you are. As your coach, I’m just here to help you implement this consistency thing with a lot more ease.

Healthy lifestyle changes – 3 reasons you haven’t stuck with them

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1. You’re focusing on information – not implementation.

So many plans, programs, and diets  focus on giving you MORE information and LESS advice on how to implement & customize it to YOUR life. We ask so many questions and want all the information – but this constant questioning & focus on information can lead to overwhelm.

Instead, you could have a completely different results in your ability to maintain healthy lifestyle changes if you instead focus on how to implement these lifestyle changes into your specific life.

As an example, when clients ask me, “what should I eat for breakfast,” I turn it right back around. I ask things like:

  • What do you like to eat for breakfast?
  • What’s easy to prep?
  • What’s working for you right now?

Because for so many of us, we do the research and have a pretty good idea of what “healthy nutrition” is; our issue is more how to make healthy nutrition work in our lives. But what happens, is when we try to do Weight Watchers or any other un-customized program, we focus too much on the information – not how to implement it in our own lives.

So, to get you started:

  • What feels doable for you?
  • What could you do to get you closer to your goals – without having to think about it all the time?

2. You’re focusing on the surface level.

So many coaches and online courses do not dig below the surface. So if you say, “I’m scared of taking days off of working out, because I’m worried I’ll gain weight,” most coaches will give you the 7 reasons why you won’t gain weight taking a rest day. They give you more INFORMATION (see #1) but they don’t dig any deeper to understand WHY you feel the way you do. And this, lovey, is why we keep struggling.

Instead, when I coach my clients, I help them uncover the ‘real’ reasons they’re struggling so that they can overcome them & stop falling back into old patterns.

So, if clients tell me they’re afraid of gaining weight when they take rest days, we dive deeper.

Are they afraid they won’t get back on track after resting?

Are they panicked that they will eat too much while being less active?

Does taking a rest day feel like a failure?

Each of these questions/answers require different types of coaching, different mindset exercises, and honestly, probably different nutrition and workout plans. So if you’re not getting that customized support and accountability, it makes sense you’re still having a tough time. 

You can get started digging deeper by asking more questions.

  • Why are you feeling this way?
  • What anxiety is coming up?

3. You’re seeking external validation – instead of tuning into your body.

Lady, I get it. Understanding our bodies is TOUGH – but it’s also imperative to making healthy lifestyle changes stick. And this is why most diet plans fail.

While other coaches are teaching clients to measure serving sizes and count macros, I’m over here saying – none of that matters if you are not paying attention to your body and what works for YOU. So if you’ve had a hard time sticking with your healthy lifestyle changes,  it might be because you’ve tuned OUT of your body and IN to these external measures of success (calories, servings, macros). If you need help stopping counting calories, I wrote about that here.

For most women, counting, tracking, and measuring are substitutes for getting in touch with their bodies.

Now, I know it can be really scary to get rid of any measuring/tracking system and you wanna know how to do it right. That’s why I created my MASTER Your Eating Model – to give you the exact things to pay attention to when it comes to nutrition. You can learn about MASTER here.

Lovey, I hope this is helpful! If you’re still struggling to figure out how to make those healthy lifestyle changes stick, I’d suggest you get started with my #ConsistentNutrition Cheatsheet. It’s a great guide to help you start getting more consistent with your healthy eating, right now.