Mindfully Mindless

Hi friends! Happy Monday of a short week! Recap of my lovely and cold Valentine’s weekend to follow tomorrow 🙂

Hopefully, you are taking things slow today, maybe not working or at school! Sipping your coffee or tea, sleeping in, working out, or just plain relaxing through your Monday. It’s amazing to me how much calmer my day seems when I take the time to drink my coffee out of a mug while snuggling Juno, flipping through my Instagram, or journaling. Little moments like those bring that calm, Saturday morning vibe to my weekday.

Why are these moments so special? And perhaps more importantly, how can we bring them into our routines?

These times are the eye of the storm in our daily lives. We move so quickly through our mental to-do lists that our poor brains and souls crave a reprieve whenever possible. Those quiet mornings I take the time to have a mug of coffee before leaving for work give me time to center myself and turn my brain off.

If you’re anything like me, I have a really hard time turning inward and being ‘mindless.’ In college and while working in California, I basically never stopped until Andrew got off work. It’s almost harder now that I live alone; there is ALWAYS something else to do!

That’s where the idea of being mindfully mindless came to me. I needed a way to make my relaxed time a priority but not another item to tick off the list. Instead, each day, I set aside time to be present, while also mindless. Slowly, I’m incorporating moments of calm into my day! Need some examples?

  • Read my favorite blogs on my tablet (if I use my computer or phone, I start either working or talking to folks)
  • Turn off my phone and sip a glass of wine (or tea or kombucha, whatever brings you joy)
  • Take a warm bath
  • Watch a silly Netflix show
  • Listen to a podcast while cooking dinner
  • Take a walk with Juno
  • Write in my journal
  • Do bedtime yoga

I encourage you to make being mindless a priority. Give yourself a little time each day to be ‘off’ and see if it helps shift your mindset throughout the day.  Although I focus on getting in my mindless time on the evenings, if you’re a morning person, go for it!

Let me know what works for you! Always learning….


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