Moderation defined.

I talk about moderation a lot on Katherine Lynn Fitness. I’m pretty sure it was the topic of my first ever blog post. It’s a personal goal every morning to live my life a bit more moderately than the day before.

But is moderation eating only one bite of dessert a day?

Exercising every single day?

Drinking more water?

Moderation Defined

Even though it’s a common topic for ME, I realized, I’ve never really defined it. I go on and on about living moderately but never took the time to explain wtf I meant. Oops.

Wine, Protein, Veggies


What the heck is moderation?

Moderation is really complicated, so let’s break it down.

It’s personal

Figuring out what moderation means to you is tough because it is so individualized. You have to find it out for yourself. I have some clients and friends that could totally ignore a glass of wine but cannot walk past a plate of cookies without eating a couple (for the record, OPPOSITE OF ME).

It takes time to figure out the foods and drinks that’ll make up your moderate balance.

For me, it’s totally doable to give up sweets and fatty foods but giving up wine is really tough for me. I feel very deprived without the “ability” to sip on my beloved wine. I can consist on protein and veggies if I know I’ve got a glass of wine coming.


It’s balance

Even though I was just talking about all the delicious goodness we all love to eat. Moderation is not enjoying all the things. It’s a diet–and lifestyle–that includes everything you love in just the right amounts for your goals.

What’s that mean?

If you’re working towards fat loss, balance = a few small indulgences + intense, short workouts + protein + veggies.


But if you’re more on the maintenance spectrum, balance = a few more indulgences + protein + veggies + exercise you enjoy.

It’s not too restrictive or indulgent

As you can probably see, moderation is all about that middle. It’s about indulging just enough to feel satisfied but not stuffed. The goal is to never feel like you are so deprived that you rebound by eating or drinking everything in sight. Instead, you’ve had enough of your favorite foods to not be desperately waiting until your next cheat day.

Sangria sorbet

It’s fucking hard to get right

Sounds so simple doesn’t it? Eat some of the foods you like, eat mostly things that are good for you, and modify your definition of moderate based on your goals.

I wish it were that easy.

Moderation requires a constant give and take as you get to know yourself better. There are lots of failures-like the time I drank a bottle of wine all by myself after not letting myself indulge for a week.


This is my journey. I am working on finding the balance that is sustainable for me. In 2016, finding my moderate has been the focus.  In the last few months, I am SO much happier. For the first time in my life, I’m living a life that doesn’t require cheat days or binging. For the win!

A lot of the women I talk to have everything down Monday thru Friday, but their biggest nutritional problem is handling any day that starts with “S.” If that sounds familiar, I would love for you to join my program, Your Weekend Fix. 

Your Weekend Fix, your step-by-step guide to your fit, fun weekend, will include nutrition and fitness coaching to help you with accountability during your weekend.  Some of the topics we’ll touch on are:

  • Goal setting and mindset
  • How to eat out without overeating (or drinking)
  • Effective workouts when you’ve got zero time
  • Handling happy hours
  • How to refuel after a night out

For less than the cost of one round of drinks, you’ll get a personalized coaching experience AND learn to navigate weekends and other social situations with ease. This is a serious step in the right direction.

What’s one word that describes moderation for you?

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  1. Such a great post, Katherine! It’s so important that moderation is personal and not the same for everyone.

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