Perfection Doesn’t Matter

Stop aiming for perfect. It doesn’t matter anyway.

Hey there friends! Today I wanted to talk a little about the idea of perfect. Most of us struggle trying to be perfect, whether in eating/exercise or life in general! We see others on social media, maintaining that ‘perfect’ diet, showing off their perfect abs. Or it’s that coworker who always comes in rocking stilettos and flawless makeup when you’re lucky if you’re not covered in dog hair. Struggle is real…

But here’s the truth. Perfection is an illusion. When we aim for perfection, we are literally striving for the impossible and unattainable.

perfect (2).jpgWhy’s it unattainable? I like to think of perfection as this tiny square. It’s really hard to be consistent AND perfect, because it takes so much energy. You’re either in or you’re out. There are so few things that actually fit into that realm of “perfect” that we set ourselves up for failure.

Think of it like this, you can eat perfectly for a day but what happens the next day? The next week? If you’re anything like me, you slip up, beat yourself up, and push yourself into your little box.

When tell perfection to fuck off, we’re able to find something better: consistency. Life no longer feels like a prison, because perfection isn’t the expectation. We are able to be more consistent with the things that matter in that moment.

Let me give you an example I shared on Instagram the other day. Last week was an emotionally exhausting time for me. We lost my grandfather recently, and all I want is to be close to my family. On top of that, Juno’s knee has been giving us trouble too. Needless to say, compliance with my awesome training plan has not been 100%. I completed my weight training days, because they bring me joy and strength, but Thursday morning came, and I was cooked. My plan was to take Juno for a short run and do a cardio/core circuit (I’ll be sharing soon 🙂 ) but when I woke up, that sounded AWFUL. The old Katherine, the one striving to be perfect, meet every challenge, never miss a check in, would have dragged herself outside to run. Instead, I took a deep breath, made some coffee, and did a short yoga series with Juno. By doing this, I was ‘technically’ missing a workout but I was also giving myself the space to rest so I could get back to lifting the next day.

A little less perfect makes for a lot more consistent.

Being in that consistency mindset will give you the flexibility to focus on your current goals, without being caught up in the idea you need to do absolutely everything right. Pick a few things that really matter to you (faith, family, exercise, healthy eating, whatever they may be) and find that consistency in those areas. The rest? Those can be inconsistent.

perfect (1)The idea that women have to be perfect is just another way that society tries to make us small. Fight back and reclaim the life you want to lead, living in that middle ground. You’re giving yourself more space to live and figure things out. What could be better than that?

[See Jill Coleman’s blog for a lot more great musings on this idea]

Have you struggled with perfectionism? 

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