Fix Your Nutrition with ONE Question

The only question you need to ask about your nutrition

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you’ve enjoyed the weekend that keeps on giving. Doing anything exciting today? Let me know in the comments below.

Juno & I are enjoying an extra weekend day by hanging out and working on a project I’m getting reach to launch in mid-June. Getting excited…..

Memorial Day is one of those holidays that centers around food. BBQs, parties, and laying out on the lake with a cooler are often the norm. All that’s well & good but it does leave a lot of us feeling very overfed, bloated, hungover, or possibly even regretful the next day. When we overindulge, whether that’s by eating too many chips + guac or that extra beer (or three), often our response is to carry that feeling with us and make extreme shifts in how we eat or exercise.

We’re all guilty of this. I’m pretty sure from the time I was sixteen years old (until a couple years ago), I did 10 mile runs every Friday after Thanksgiving. Dragging myself out of bed, heavy and bloated from all the salt, I would make myself “sweat it off,” regardless of how tired my body was at the time. That’s healthy right? No.

Instead I’m going to challenge you to look at your nutritional intake in a completely different way and only ask ONE question.the-only-question-you-need-to-ask-yourself-re-nutrition

Can I see myself eating this way in six months?

I’m going to break it down for you. Eating everything you could possibly want, drinking excessively, or a week long “clean eating” cleanse are all bad for you. They are also inherently unsustainable. 

Even if you had a blast at your friend’s wedding, will you be eating the same way in six months? No way. Is your three day juice fast a lifestyle? Of course not.

When you eat in a way that’s not sustainable, you set yourself up to swing back and forth between eating too much and then too little to “make up for it.” This effs with your metabolism, hunger cues, and relationship with food. So instead, focus on one thing: sustainability, whatever that looks like for you. This will keep you from overindulging or restricting. Keep returning to that question when you need a check-in.

How can I find a sustainable diet?

Unfortunately, this question is a little more difficult. It involves a fair amount of introspection and awareness. Here’s a bit of food for thought (hehe) to help think about the different elements of your daily intake.

What foods make me feel physically good?

What foods keep me feeling full?

How do I feel after eating [insert type of food or beverage]?

What treats make it easier for me to eat more healthily throughout the day?

What are my physique & performance goals?

Thinking about creating a sustainable way of eating can be challenging but it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. If I can help at all, let me know. This is also one of the questions we will be considering in my upcoming Winter Shape Up & Sculpt if you’d like the support of a community, too!

Many hugs!

How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend?

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