Thoughts on JillFit’s #AntiFragile2016

This post is a reflection on Jill Coleman’s recent #AntiFragile2016 trainings. All frameworks are Jill’s; thoughts and experiences are mine. Check out the movement on Instagram using the hashtag #antifragile2016.

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Today, I’m excited to start a discussion in our salon about Jill Coleman‘s recent #AntiFragile2016 trainings. I’ve been following her for about a year now. Her words always resonate with me and I was SO excited to be part of this movement.

In her own words, Jill hopes that her #AntiFragile2016 seminars are:

A self-trust education, chock full of tools, insights and steps to get you engaging with your life (and your food environments), rather than being scared of it all.
#AntiFragile is about honing a trust mindset, which is the opposite of control. When we try to control, we are always left feeling anxious, scared and unsettled.

This is so important because life is hard. It takes time to trust yourself to handle whatever comes your way. Why? Everyone says “I love learning,” but I challenge that idea. Learning is never easy. It’s messy, exhausting, non-linear, and often painful. Still, we do it over and over, trying again, pursuing new experiences. We like the results of learning because we find that self trust at the end of the road.

…Cue cheesy picture from my BIG move to ATX

The #AntiFragile2016 movement resonates deeply with me because in the last four months, I have consistently chosen my discomfort zone. Moving out to Texas was the biggest choice I’ve ever made as an “adult,” and I wasn’t sure I could do it. It’s been so lonely and scary. I still haven’t found my people. I miss my friends and family. I’m still not sure this is “right.”

But you know what?  I’ve stuck through all the challenges. I’m still here. I’ve been resilient, and I’m confident I can handle the ones that are still headed my way.

What do you think about the #AntiFragile2016 framework?


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