This is Why I Canceled My Hydrostatic Weigh-In

I have to be honest. I am pretty scared to press publish on this one. As most of you know, I spent the last two weeks in California with my family, biological and chosen.


It was an incredible opportunity to hang with my people, snuggle lots of puppies, and enjoy all of my favorite foods and drinks of the Bay Area.


As a result, I was overcome with anxiety about my upcoming hydrostatic weighing (aka, getting an accurate read of my body fat percentage). I’d been eating quite a bit differently (more wine, sweet potato fries, falafel, cocktails, and manchego) and only loosely tracking my servings. There also may have been an unfortunate encounter with a gym scale, leaving me focused too much on the numbers. Needless to say, I wasn’t 100% sure that my dunk would show the progress I HAD been working towards back in Austin.

Either way, I was thinking about my opportunity to do a hydrostatic weigh in with a bit of dread. I went back and forth, constantly pestering my friends about their thoughts. Did I look different? Did they think I should get dunked?

Then it hit me, there was no reason to go through with the procedure this time. If my body fat % went up, I would leave feeling miserable and tempted to restrict, removing the pleasure from my limited time with family. Right now, I am living in a little bit more of the indulgent side of the moderation spectrum, and THAT IS OKAY.

Is it okay to let yourself fall off track? This is why I purposely canceled my hydrostatic weigh-in.

Life ebbs and flows. At this point, I am more focused on other things, namely enjoying every moment with the people I love. Often, that involves sipping on some bubbly or sangria. This may not necessarily be in line with my fitness and physique goals, but this is all a process. Living at 16% body fat, as I was late in 2015, is not easy to maintain, and I am okay with changes that support my health and performance, even if that means a few extra bf% points.

Yes. When I get back to Austin, I’ll be back to more of my regular routine of standard meals, (much) less bubbly, and more sleep, but for two weeks, those things haven’t been my priority. I’m still lifting, running, and moving but let’s be real.  My nutrition is a bit more relaxed given my priority of living every moment fully with those around me.


Today, I would like to encourage all of us to trust the process because I struggle with this soo much. Still though. This was the reminder I needed that sometimes we tread water, other times we move forward but what’s most important is that we keep swimming.

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Have you gotten a hydrostatic weigh-in?

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