Why I Froze My Orangetheory Membership

Orangetheory workouts are known for their intensity and that insane afterburn. Advertisements featuring fit, thin women and chiseled coaches urge us to to hit 5 classes a week for maximum benefits. So we drag ourselves to class, depleting our energy and our wallets because we all want the same thing: results.

I get it. I wanted that too. I joined a studio less than a week after I moved to Austin and met some incredible people through attending classes. I looked forward to getting up at 4:30am to work out with our 5:00am crew three times a week! But recently, I made a big decision: to freeze my membership (aka pause it for the next month). After keeping it frozen for almost six months, I ultimately canceled my membership…and haven’t looked back (here’s what I’m currently doing instead).

Why I froze my orangetheory membership...and haven't unfrozen it. Don't miss this.

This was a big step for me. In the past, I struggled to take any sort of rest or recovery periods, even though they are so necessary. Every Sunday morning in college, on my “rest” day, I’d wake up at 7am, lace up my shoes before the dining hall even opened, and go for a 90 minute walk around the neighborhoods. Even if I was tired, hungover, or sore, I would make myself do this crazy long walk, because I was too afraid of gaining weight or losing my results to give my body the rest it needs. On top of that, I truly believed that harder and more intense workouts were always the way to go, so I would spend hours at the gym doing intense cardio on the elliptical then trying to lift weights. It was EXHAUSTING.

So, needless to say, freezing (and ultimately canceling) my orangetheory membership was HUGE.

Why’d I freeze my orangetheory membership?

It was contributing to overtraining

I had 1001 fitness goals. I was working on building strength with intense lifting workouts three times a week. At the same time, I started running trail 10k races once a month. Lifting, running, and doing orangetheory was waaay too much for my body. I started exhibiting signs of overtraining and developed a hip flexor injury (wanna see how I healed my hip flexor? Don’t miss this post).


I wasn’t seeing results

After months of orangetheory, my body looked the exact same. I wasn’t getting the fast results promised in all the ads. Even though I was doing all the right things, nothing changed. I knew something had to change to see the physical results I wanted.

December 2015

So if orangetheory doesn’t work, what should we do instead?

Over the next few months, I got fantastic results. I’m feeling so much more confident and it’s amazing how simple the change has been. My 3B Framework will help you maximize your results after freezing your orangetheory membership.

Break up your intense workouts

When you’re working out intensely, you wanna keep it short, unlike orangetheory workouts [2 reasons why here]. When you workout for longer than 45ish minutes…

-the quality of your workout declines
-your body starts pumping out extra stress hormones
-your muscles struggle to recover in time for your next workout
-overtraining becomes a real possibility

No bueno.

Instead, I kept my HIIT cardio or metabolic conditioning workouts well under thirty minutes (here’s exactly how I build my workouts). This allows me to work super hard for a short period of time. And who doesn’t want to have some extra time in their day?

This workout is a perfect example of a short, intense workout that’ll get you results! If you want a done-for-you workout schedule so that there’s no guesswork in getting results, check out #SkipTheGym (on sale this week only).

Grab the full workout breakdown here or try out another of my faves.

Build an effective training plan

When you’re training for results, you’ve gotta have a plan of attack and be sure that you’re taking every workout to your level. You’ve got to include the right balance of lifting, cardio, and REST.

Here’s how I suggest building a training plan, and grab a free workout every single week here. If you’re just plain not enjoying your workouts, here’s what I’ll tell ladies who hate working out.

Bulk up your protein

If you’re trying to change up your body composition or lose weight, you’ve got to get adequate protein on board. I’d say that 80% of the women I talk to as a nutrition coach are NOT getting enough protein.

This leads to them overeating on carbs, having tons of cravings, and feeling hungry throughout the day.

Instead, use my 5 go-to protein foods to bulk up your protein intake to feel satisfied all day. And if you’re looking for tasty protein filled snacks, try these protein bites or this cookie dough. YUM.

With my 3B Framework, you’re SURE to see results after freezing your orangetheory membership. If you want effective workouts that you can do without ever going to the gym, #SkipTheGym could be a great fit for you.  #SkipTheGym is the at-home workout solution for the busy woman who finds herself inconsistent with her workouts because she can’t always get to the gym or fit in a 60 minute sweat sesh.  Sign up here. Let’s make some progress towards your fitness goals, together!

Have you done orangetheory?

6 thoughts on “Why I Froze My Orangetheory Membership

  1. Congrats on listening to what you need! My fitness priorities right now are yoga and strength training, so I made the decision to do the weight training on my own and keep the yoga membership 🙂

  2. I found ur post accidentally while searching for the OTF suspend policy but found the info really interesting, and here’s why. I’m a 49 yr old male and have been going to OTF 2 to 3 times a week religiously since November 2016. In that time, 3 things have happened, +10 lbs, an overwhelming loss of energy and drive, and exercise induced headaches (ouch!!!). Prior to OTF I followed the MaxWorkout program, which consists of high intensity 25 to 30 min workouts 5 times a week, and didn’t experience the same type lethargy that I’m experiencing now. So, I think I’m gonna follow ur lead and give OTF a break for a month or so.

  3. I came across this blog on google as well. I have been doing OTF for 6 weeks now and haven’t lost any weight. I am stronger and have more endurance but the exhaustion and getting up at 4am to get to class is getting old. I am a stay at home mom and have zero energy for my kids during the day. I only have 3 weeks left of my membership and then it is back to traditional workouts to of lifting, running and HIIT for me! I am bummed because I had a weight loss goal to get to by Christmas but oh well that’s just how it goes sometimes😊. Thanks for all the info!

  4. Hey Jessica! Thank for commenting! It’s so frustrating when you’re trying to see results and they just aren’t coming! It sounds like you could use something shorter and more effective, especially with kiddos at home. Let me know how I can help! My program Skip The Gym might be a great fit!

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