3 reasons you can’t stick to a diet (hint: none are willpower)

Being unable to stick to a diet – regardless of how badly we want to eat healthy – is incredibly frustrating. We often feel like failures after trying (and failing) every diet we can find on Pinterest. So lovey, if you find yourself trying to start over again every single Monday, know that I totally get it.

For years, I’d go to bed feeling like there was something wrong with me – and my body – because no matter how hard I tried to stick to a diet, I couldn’t. I’d end up binging on Mike’s HardER Lemonade and sweet potato fries, blaming it on my lack of willpower and motivation (if you need more help with motivation, be sure to get my Master your Motivation Momentum worksheet here). Now, I am able to eat healthy every day – without thinking about it – and have stuck to a fitness routine for almost 5 years (not without taking rest days, of course).

And as I started coaching women from around the world, I found that I was definitely not the only woman struggling to stay consistent. But, even though we blame our difficulties on willpower, motivation, and time, I’ve actually found there are three key reasons you can’t stick to a diet – and they might not be what you expect.

3 reasons you can’t stick to a diet

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Information overload

There is SO much information on how to eat healthy that it can be super overwhelming to know what’s right for you and your body. Gluten…gut health…low carb….keto…vegan…vegetarian…there are just SO many perspectives (& conflicting information).

This normally plays out with program hopping every couple weeks, making it impossible to see results, or completely quitting because you don’t know what’s right for you. Both make us question all our decisions, which is incredibly exhausting.


Stop seeking out more information – and determine what’s working for YOU. I broke out the exact questions you should ask to achieve consistent healthy eating.

Focusing on the wrong things

Our ability to stick to a diet and stay consistent has a lot more to do with how we talk to and think about ourselves than what we eat.  So many diet plans list out foods that are okay to eat, tell you to track how many ounces of water you’re drinking, or measure all your food.

Sure, these things are not (all) inherently bad but they do take away valuable time and energy from the things that really matter (like protein, produce, recovery, and stress management). When we have limited energy and we focus it on the wrong thing, we inevitably run out of mental strength, slip up, and binge (here’s how to stop).


Focus on what’s gonna work for YOU. If you don’t have a series of steps (and a way to evaluate if those steps are working), your plan is gonna fail. How could it not?

As a result, almost every single day, I hear from women that they’re feeling so unsure about their nutrition.

My first response is always the same — OF COURSE YOU’RE STRUGGLING. And in no way is it your fault. With all the information flooding your feed, all the nutrition coaches preaching their special macro plan, it’s pretty impossible to know anything for certain. And as long as coaches keep preaching their once and for all solutions, we’ll continue to struggle.

Because we know it doesn’t work that way.

>>How many nutrition plans have you purchased, only to feel dissatisfied and stressed as you try to make it work in your life?
>>How many coaches have you followed on Instagram only to try their advice and end up binging a few days later?

That’s why, if you’d like to get some help, I’d love to work with you!

Your expectations are off

Consistency is not perfection but when we feel like we can’t stick to a diet, it’s often because we have unrealistic expectations for ourselves. We are expecting ourselves to go from eating protein bars and burgers to chicken breast and broccoli 100% of the time. Thinking this way is setting ourselves up to fail.

Consistency is eating 70% healthy 100% of the time.


If we really wanna get consistent – like really consistent for the rest of our lives – we have to do two things:

(1) Recognize the little victories

(2) Stop getting bogged down in the details

SO often, when we are trying so hard to stick to a diet, we are looking at the one thing we messed up during the day (why DID I eat that cookie??) instead of all the other choices we are making.

If you’d like to get started with being a heck of a lot more consistent, I’d love for you to check out my Master Your Motivation Momentum worksheet. In this worksheet, I’m going to teach you how to:
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-Build your motivation muscle and ward off mindset gremlins that keep getting in the way of your results.
-Create a rinse-and-repeat action plan to use whenever you feel unmotivated.

Now, you can keep your ongoing ‘on again off again’ battle with your health and fitness, or you can use motivation to your advantage with this consistency system checklist.

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