Consistent healthy eating with ease – 10 questions to ask

When ladies come to me for nutrition coaching, their goal is always consistent healthy eating. Often, they’re trying intuitive eating but they’re gaining weight (here’s how to stop), which is leading them to diet, deprive, and binge. Which is so common, because honestly…it can be so hard to eat consistently, can’t it? There are SO many things that get in the way of consistent healthy eating.

Happy hours with coworkers

Crazy schedules


Lack of planning

And while most coaches preach the importance of planning for high stress situations and maximizing willpower, the solution isn’t necessarily that simple.¬†Psssst….if you want personalized recommendations on how to get more consistent, take my Consistency Quiz here.

We need to get more self aware in order to make lasting changes.

And that’s tricky.

So, to help, I’ve compiled the 10 questions you need to ask yourself if you want to achieve long lasting, consistent healthy eating. You can pin this list for later here.

10 questions to consistent healthy eating

Want to eat healthy consistently? Ask yourself these 10 questions to get started with healthy eating. #nutritionadvice #weightloss #healthyeatingmotivation #healthyeatingtips

What emotions are coming up for me today when I’m eating?

Most nutrition plans fail, because we forget to pay attention to how food makes us feel (I’m actually not always opposed to emotionally eating, either. Here’s why). It’s super important to tune into the emotions that come up when we eat so that we don’t neglect our mindset.

How hungry am I?

Hunger can be tough to track – especially if you’ve been dieting for long periods of time (PS – if your body isn’t changing, check yourself. You might be telling yourself one of these 4 lies) – so, start tuning into your levels of hunger throughout the day. If you’re super hungry – or not at all – that’s telling you something.

Am I feeling full after my meals?

If identifying hunger is tough, start by tuning into your fullness levels. For most of my clients, it’s easier to know if they’re getting full. If you’re not feeling full after eating (maybe you’re eating tons of mini meals instead of 4 meals), it’s time to make a tweak so that you can get to consistent healthy eating.

Am I satisfied by my meals?

Hate to say it, but if you aren’t satisfied by how you eat, you won’t be eating that way for very long. This is one of the top reasons you struggle with consistent healthy eating: you’re trying to eat in a way that just plain doesn’t satisfy you!

If you’re struggling to feel satisfied throughout the day, I’d recommend trying out the tools in my Conscious Indulgence Guide. You can download that here.

Am I have cravings?

Cravings are SUPER helpful, because they can give us information about how to tweak your diet to better fit YOU. If you’re having cravings, it can be because of:




Nutrient deficiencies

So no matter the reason, you wanna tune into your cravings (especially if they’re for a specific trigger food). If binge eating is your issue, here’s how to stop.

What thoughts keep coming up for me around food?

We often forget about the importance of our thoughts and how they affect our food choices. So pay attention to the thoughts that come up and make sure that they’re not causing you to restrict. Sometimes, our healthy eating actually makes us unhealthy, simply because of all the negative thoughts that come up.

Do I have stable energy throughout the day? If not, when does it lull?

And it makes sense that we struggle with consistent healthy eating if we are exhausted most of the time doesn’t it?

Lovely, it’s not normal to be falling asleep at your desk at 2pm or need a giant cup of coffee as you’re cooking dinner. When our energy levels wane throughout the day, we often are missing something in our diet.

So if you’re not having sustained energy all day, it’s time to troubleshoot.

Do I find myself restricting to make myself smaller?

If the only reason you’re choosing certain foods is because they’re low calorie or they will “help” you lose weight, you can bet that you’re gonna struggle with consistency. You are worth SO much more than that, AND it’s keeping you from staying consistent.

Am I feeling guilty over my choices? Which ones?

Ackkkk! Food guilt is the enemy of consistency. If you’re feeling guilty, here’s my extensive guide to end food guilt. I’ll walk you through my 3-2-1 system to ending food guilt and make sure that we use your food guilt as a tool to improve your relationship with food.

Do I actually like the way I’m eating?

This is the final question, because it’s what I call the “gut check” question. You could answer the above 9 questions favorably but honestly lovely, if you don’t actually like or enjoy how you eat, there’s no way it’s gonna stay consistent for you.

But I promise, it is possible to eat consistently and still see changes in your body (if results have stopped for you, it might be because of this).

I know it can feel overwhelming to try to put all these pieces together. So I’d recommend starting with a couple of these questions each day. Tune into the answers and make tweaks based on what doesn’t feel right. If you need help doing that, try my quiz below. We will unpack your #1 consistency roadblock, and I’ll send you personalized recommendations on how to fix it.