Healthy Breakfast: My Three Favorites

You roll out of bed and walk to the kitchen to find some breakfast. You look around your kitchen and are stumped. You’ve barely got any time before you need to leave for work. You know that breakfast is important but you have no idea what to eat, so you grab a granola bar and head out the door.

This, my friends, was my entire college experience. Breakfast was overwhelming for me (even when it was already prepared for me in the dining hall) so I skipped it too many times to count. It wasn’t until I started working at Google that I got into a healthy breakfast habit.

Since I started eating breakfast regularly, I’ve noticed a huge decrease in cravings AND I find myself eating better throughout the day. This is why I’m sharing three of my favorite breakfasts and why you should eat them too! Share your favorite breakfast option below, too!

Healthy breakfast options

Since I started eating breakfast regularly, I've noticed a huge decrease in cravings AND I find myself eating better throughout the day. This is why I'm sharing three of my favorite healthy breakfasts and why you should eat them too!

Truthfully, I alternate between these three healthy breakfasts during the course of the week.

Egg white & veggie omelette

An egg white and vegetable scramble (or omelette) gives you plenty of protein to keep you full for hours. I bulk it up with lots of veggies, using whatever options I have in my fridge. To make it more satisfying, you can add some meat or cheese. Parmesan is my favorite 🙂

egg whites

Why you should eat it: this breakfast is low fat and high in protein, which is perfect for rest days when you do not need as many carbohydrate servings.

Protein shake

Super quick, high in protein and carbs, this protein shake is my go-to on most work mornings. You can make so many modifications to make it taste different, depending on your preferences. If you want to try out my mint chip protein shake, grab the full recipe!

Mint chip protein shake

Why you should eat it: this protein shake is ideal for post-workout, because it’s high in protein and carbs. Even if you don’t eat it for breakfast, making a shake like this is awesome when you finish up a workout.

Protein pancakes

There are some awesome protein pancake mixes out there that make healthy breakfast choices super easy! Flapjacked and About Time are my two favorite brands, because they are NOT full of crap AND can be made with minimal ingredients. When I really don’t feel like hand-washing a pan, I will use the same ingredient ratios to make a microwaveable muffin. This breakfast wins on the convenience factor, for sure.

protein pancakes

Why you should eat it: you can play around with the macronutrient composition to fit your daily goals! If it is a higher carb or intense training day, use more of the pancake mix. Or, if it is a lower carb day, you can add in some extra protein powder and use less pancake mix to drop the carbohydrate numbers.

Use these super simple breakfast options will allow you to make healthy breakfast choices under any circumstances. If you’re looking for a bit more nutrition guidance, check out my free guide to eating for fat loss. It will teach you to turn any meal into a meal that supports your fat loss goals!

What’s your go-to healthy breakfast?

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